A complaint from our friend “Jingle.”

As you know, on Sunday, Rick and Keon did a “Friends Friday” post telling us about their decision to become foster parents. The post included 48 “mug shots” of young men who had been incarcerated for various reasons.
Our friend “Jingle” commented, saying:
“Completely inappropriate.”
He then sent us an e-mail, saying:
“Hey Buff!!
Perhaps I’m over-reacting, but I feel that the post might be mistaken as Exploitation of Minors, or even Child Pornography!!
I just feel, like Larry did about the “Silhouettes” post, that it’s not quite right!!
In any event, a gay men’s erotica Blog isn’t the right forum… I hope you will consider taking that down!!
I do love you, and I do appreciate URD, but I also strongly believe this was a mis-step!!
I then sent Jingle the following e-mail:
“Hey, babe. Just a thought. Would you be o.k. with our posting your e-mail and asking the CCC and other viewers for their opinions on this post?
We had a pretty good discussion about the ‘Silhouettes” post that Larry was uncomfortable with.
Since it was Rick and Keons’ post, I think that would be helpful.
To which, Jingle replied:
“I’m comfortable with that!!”
I sent Jingle’s e-mail to Rick and Keon, and they replied:
“When we saw Jingle’s “Completely inappropriate” comment, we commented:
“We’re sorry we offended you, Jingle. Have a wonderful New Year!”
Honestly, we can’t figure out what Jingle’s problem is with the post. As we understand it, “Child pornography” is:
“Any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (persons less than 18 years old).”
There is definitely NOTHING sexually explicit about the mug shots we posted. Every one of them was taken either from the site “Arrests.org.” or from arrest postings of various States. Not only were the pics not sexually explicit, the boys in every photo were clothed. We posted them because we thought they were illustrative of young guys who were on bad life-tracts and who needed family support, good clothing and food and a positive environment. That’s what we want to do by becoming foster parents. Maybe Jingle just looked at the pics and didn’t read what we said?”
We’d welcome your thoughts.
David and Ben