Daniel, my brother!

A while back, we received an e-mail from “Daniel – from Spain” with this amazing set of pics… along with his permission to post them. Somehow, the e-mail got deleted – so we asked him to send them again. He did, and I put the pics in a file to edit and post and thought I put it in one of our “unposted” folders. Unfortunately, somehow, it got put in a “posted” folder and I finally found it this morning. So, here, with an apology to this beautiful boy – are 21 of the most wonderful viewer pics we’re ever received. THANK YOU, DANIEL. Love you, dude. If you’re ever in the U.S. PLEASE let us know!

Your best friends’ photo?

As you know, we haven’t done our “Viewers’ Best Friends” post yet – because we’ve only received pics from five guys. It’s hard to believe that a blog currently averaging 12,883 viewers per day can’t generate pics from more than five pet owners. Probably, some of you have intended to send a pic and just didn’t get around to it – but we’d love to see your best friends. We’ll give it another week and then post the pics we’ve received. O.K?
Send your pics to: