Dude. Here’s your fav vintage porn star!

“bw” commented on our recent “blast from the past” post, saying: “Denny suggested a vintage post, and I’m all in for that, but is this even possible: a post of all time URD favorites? For example, you would HAVE to include a photo of my sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz, but it seems like everyone has at least one dude who particularly turns their crank. I think this would be too much work, but my mind wanders sometimes.”
Then, Jingle commented: “Oh bw, NEVER underestimate the inguinuety of our URD hosts!! 🙂 A mash-up of Denny’s idea, and yours, would be fucking phenomenal!”
We thought it was a fun idea… but weren’t sure how to go about making it happen. Ben and I talked about it and decided we’d work together and “have a go at it.” So, here are the porn stars you guys suggested. Since we’ve been doing “vintage dudes” of late, we haven’t included porn stars who are currently active. Hope you guys enjoy these hot vintage boys!

There are five pics of each requested porn star. The photo quality varies but we’ve included the best we could find. Ben and I aren’t porn historians but we thought we’d try to give you a bit of information about each of the porn pups shown above. It’s just stuff we found on-line and we can’t guarantee accuracy but it’s interesting. We’re guessing “bw” and some of our other buddies can expand on (or correct) the following:
BILLY LEE BARNES. Requested by “Terry” (e-mail). Photographed by Colt Studios in 2013.
CLYDE WALLACE: Requested by Denny. He was a Colt Studio model active in porn 1975-1978.
J. T. DENVER: Requested by Larry. 5′ 10″ tall. Active 1985 – 1989.
JAMIE WINGO: Requested by Bills. Active 1981 – 1992.
JEFF STRYKER: Requested by Bills. Born gay 1958, Burlington, VT. Left home at 18, started in porn at 21. Modeled for Colt Studios as “Scooter” Active 23 – 28 years of age.
JIM WALDROP (a.k.a. J.W. KING) Submitted by David because he starred in “Brothers Should do it” with Jon King. He and Jon weren’t brothers but they looked a lot alike and many thought they were. Jim Waldrop was born July 21, 1955 and died of AIDS at the age of 31. Active in gay porn 1980 – 1985.
JIMMY FANZ: Requested by “bw”. 5′ – 11″ tall, 176#. Born September 20, 1991. Active 2011 – 2016.
JIMMY TRIPS: Submitted by David. Born 1985. 5′ – 10″, 169#. Active 2006 – 2008.
JOHN DAVENPORT: Requested by “Yves”. 6′ – 1″, 189#. Active 1986 – 2002.
JON KING: Requested by “bw”. Born 01-12-63. Died 03-08-95. 5′ -10″ Active 1981 – 1994.
KEN BROWNING: Requested by “Terry.” Canadian. Photographed by Colt Studios 2011. 6′ tall. Active 2006 – 2007.
KEVIN WILLIAMS: Requested by “Larry” Born 11-05-1965. Active 1985 – 2002.
MARC STERLING: Requested by “bw”. 6′ – 1″, 160#. Active 2003 – 2010.
MIKE HENSON: Requested by “Pablo”. 5′ – 10″ Born 09-04-1963. Died 09-21-2002. Active 1986- 2002.
PIERRE FITCH: Requested by “Ron.” Canadian. Born 11-07-1981. Active 2004 – 2006. Said he married Ralph Woods in 2005, but it wasn’t an official marriage. They separated in 2007.
RALPH WOODS: Entered by Ben because of his connection to Pierre Fitch. Ralph is small in stature but has a very large dick. Uncut and said to be 10″ (doesn’t appear to be “porn inches”). 5′ – 7″, 125#. Born Quebec, Canada. Active 2005 – 2011.
TIM KRAMER: Entered by Ben as a substitute for Zack Randall who is probably too recent for this post. Tim Kramer was born in 1958 and died in 1992. 5′ – 11″. Active in gay porn 1981 – 1988.
So that’s the group. WHEW! This was fun. Thanks to “bw” for the idea – and to all of you for suggesting porn stars to include. Love you guys. David and Ben

Daniel, my brother!

A while back, we received an e-mail from “Daniel – from Spain” with this amazing set of pics… along with his permission to post them. Somehow, the e-mail got deleted – so we asked him to send them again. He did, and I put the pics in a file to edit and post and thought I put it in one of our “unposted” folders. Unfortunately, somehow, it got put in a “posted” folder and I finally found it this morning. So, here, with an apology to this beautiful boy – are 21 of the most wonderful viewer pics we’re ever received. THANK YOU, DANIEL. Love you, dude. If you’re ever in the U.S. PLEASE let us know!

Your best friends’ photo?

As you know, we haven’t done our “Viewers’ Best Friends” post yet – because we’ve only received pics from five guys. It’s hard to believe that a blog currently averaging 12,883 viewers per day can’t generate pics from more than five pet owners. Probably, some of you have intended to send a pic and just didn’t get around to it – but we’d love to see your best friends. We’ll give it another week and then post the pics we’ve received. O.K?
Send your pics to: