The Benson twins – John and Joe

Unrulydude is forever grateful for the comments we receive from our viewers and CCC… and sometimes, like now, we’re absolutely amazed. The knowledge and contributions of our friend “bw” are truly in “a league of their own.”
After yesterday’s “brostaches” post, he commented (in part), saying:
“the twins in NO 48 were (I think) the Benson twins – and that’s about all I know. But I do know I would love to run my fingers through the fur on their chests.”
The name was all we needed to send us off on an internet search to find “the Benson twins” and, sure enough, here they are… Playgirl’s centerfold dudes from the September, 1983 issue.
Ummm… let’s see. IF they were 20 years old when these pics were taken (our guess), they’d be about 55 today. Bet they’re still HOT!
So, here’s a little “bonus post” thanks to “bw”. Babe, we’ve said it before and we’re saying it now… you’re a TREASURE and we LOVE YOU!

Dude. Time for some vintage “brostaches”!

This is a completely accidental post. It started with Denny’s comment:
“What I would like to see in a vintage post, is guys with massive, untrimmed pubic BUSHES!”
So, we started looking for pubes. Then, we noticed that most of the retro dudes we were looking at had both massive pubes AND mustaches. For some reason, that sent us off on a mustaches tangent. And, along the way, we happened on the term “brostache.”
Here’s a definition of “brostache” from the “Urban Dictionary”:
“Brostache: A mustache used to tickle ones scrotum. Usually one of the true “bros” scrotum. Or used in action, to tickles ones scrotum, thus becoming a true bro. Sometimes one mistakes this as extremely intrusive, but this is usually the start of a true bromance.”
So there you have it. Our trip down memory lane to visit with the hot dudes who had mustaches – and usually… bushy pubes to go with them.
Thanks, Denny. You sent us on a remarkable trip and, oh, what fun it’s been!

Dude. Check out these vintage boners!

On Tuesday, our buddy “Jingle commented, saying:
“Good Morning!! 😃Hey, I had an idea for a post… Vintage pics!!
Might be fun?!?!…”
We haven’t done many “vintage” posts, but there have been a couple (check the tags). We think it’s a great idea. The only problem is there are millions of retro pics on-line and it’s kind of hard to decide what to include. So… Ben and I talked about it and decided maybe we’d try doing some vintage theme posts. Today, we’re starting with “vintage boners” and, if you guys like the idea, we’ll do another theme each week for a while. Maybe some of you will have suggestions for “themes”? We don’t know who most of these guys are, but we’re betting “bw” and some of the rest of you can tell us 🙂

Monday was Presidents’ day and we’ve had sleet, frozen rain and ice to deal with, so there’s been no school this week. Dub has been very upset. He says every day of school he misses, he’s not “learning the stuff I need to know.” So, Ben decided to set up a classroom in the basement. Dub, Austin and Erik have been “attending,” and Ben tells me he’s been working with them four hours per day on math, science, language arts, humanities and technology. Dub and Erik are happy about it… Austin maybe not so much, but he’s being a good sport.
Travon and Izzie have been at Ms Pam’s day care every day, so none of our “little scholars” are being neglected. We’re hoping for a “thaw” so there’ll be regular school again tomorrow.