…back when dudes had hairy junk!

I was looking through one of our “vintage” pics folders the other day – and noticed, once again, how hairy everyone’s junk was back then. Of course, none of these guys has more crotch hair than my husband, but it’s kind of nice to see other dudes with pubes like Ben’s!

Dub asked us yesterday if we could go to the “penguin march” on Sunday. He said the kids at day care had been talking about it. We’d never heard of a “penguin march,” so Ben went on-line… and sure enough, there was one scheduled at the KC zoo at 11:00 a.m. today. So, this morning, we got up a little earlier than usual… had a big brunch… walked the dogs… and were at the Helzberg Penguin Plaza at 11:00 a.m. We took Dub’s best bud (Pam’s son) with us and we all had a wonderful time. If you ever get a chance to visit the KC zoo, don’t miss the penguins. They’re AMAZING!!

Slutty shorts, dude… slutty shorts… part two.

We recently had a comment from our friend, Thomas, saying: “I was hoping you could open up a new tag called ‘SLUTTY SHORTS’-perhaps against your policies but I just bloody love slutty shorts shots-in shorts, out of shorts, falling out etc etc. Best and thanks for all.”
So we did a “shorts” post and Thomas commented, saying: “#2 is the sort of shorts I had in mind – were a big thing in porn of late 70’s and early 80’s-cutoffs-but what you have come up with is absolutely amazing-I feel my horizons already widened. Thanks as always and best wishes to you. Thomas”
So Ben and I talked it over and decided to see if we could give Thomas the post he really wanted to see. It’s interesting that neither Ben nor I have ever seen a dude in cut-off jeans shorts – but if you look hard enough on the web you can find just about anything. Hope you guys – and of course, Thomas – enjoy this little blast from the past.

Mystery solved. He’s “Vincent Thomas”

Isn’t the internet amazing? I posted this yesterday:
“Here’s a comment we received from “Tom” yesterday:
“I asked you if you knew the name of this guy when you posted another pic of him a while back and I was wondering if you now had his name from this posting. Excuse me for bugging you with this but I am obviously obsessed.
Best and thanks”
Here’s our posted response to “Tom’s” earlier comment:
“hey, Tom… don’tknow the model’s name but I’m 95% certain he was a William Higgins model – if that’s any help. The cock and EYES are pretty much unforgettable.
If any of you guys know anything about this blond dude – please let us know. It’s obviously very important to “Tom,” and we’re curious ourselves.”
Our friend, Jeil identified him, saying:
“His name is VINCENT THOMAS and I have some pics of him for almost 10 years…
CHEERS from Montréal.”
And a new (to us) viewer named “Gibs” commented with this link:
So, we’re going to post the 17 pics from the link Gibs provided.
Now, one more question. The last photo is labeled “Vincent Thomas Issue #5.” Does anyone know what magazine posted these photos?
And, Jeil, if you have more pics of this dude, we’d love to see them.
Our e-mail is : buffboi@juno.com
Thanks, guys!