Dude. Let’s get wet!

After my last class yesterday, I was headed to my car and I heard someone yell, “Hey. Wait up.” I didn’t know who he was – but I waited. I said, “Do I know you?” And he said, “Not as well as I know you.” I didn’t say anything – and he said, “It took me a while to find out who you are – but now I know.” I said, “O.K. What?” And he said, “I saw you over by the Railroad tracks – gettin’ fucked Sunday.” So I said, “Is there an award or something?” And he said, “You’re a fuckin’ queer.” I said, ” The correct term is ‘gay’ – not ‘queer’.” And he said, “I know you’re a fuckin’ faggot – and I’m gonna tell.” I smiled and said, “Who are you gonna tell?” And he said, “Everyone in school – and your family – and the whole fuckin’ world.” And I said, “Everyone already knows I’m gay. My friends know. My family knows. And, I’d like the whole world to know. Feel free to tell anyone you like. By then, I’d gotten to my car – unlocked it – and started to get in. He grabbed my arm and said, “Don’t ignore me, faggot.” So I shoved his hand off my arm – looked him in the eyes – and said, “I’m gonna do you a favor and forget this happened.” He kept looking at me and said, “Come on, man, I was thinkin’ maybe I’d like some of that ass myself.” I couldn’t believe what a total dip-wad he was – and I said, “In your wildest dreams, asshole. Why don’t you just be a good little boy and go fuck yourself.” And drove off. I think I’m finding out what it’s like – being gay.

No contest!

Had a comment recently from “Bill S” saying: “Look out Buff, I have a post request: You know how they have wet t-shirt contests in straight bars …. well, they must have wet undies contests in gay bars and they must take pictures. How about “Wet Undies Contests, Dude!” It would be fun!”
Well, babe… I’ve looked everywhere I can think to look – all over the web – and haven’t found any wet underwear contest photos. I found a few videos (none really worth watching)… but have struck out on contest photos.
So… here’s the best I can do. A bunch of dudes in wet undies. Any of these guys would be winners in any contest I was watching! Thanks for the request!!