Dude. These butt naked water babes wish you a “Happy New Year”

This is the 15th in our “buck/butt naked” series. The topic was suggested by Beto and he sent us several of these pics. Thanks for the idea – and pics, babe. You’re the best!

We’ve been helping Dante and Silas move into their (leased) townhouse the last few days. It’s furnished, so we were mainly just cleaning and moving their personal stuff. When we finished, Silas said “It’s a nice townhouse, but it sure is plain.” Alex said “I can help you with that. Let’s run over to one of my storage units and have a look.” So they did – and a couple of hours later they came back with area rugs, a bunch of Modigliani prints, some decorative throws and fun sculptures. The transformation was amazing and it’s beautiful now. Dante asked us if we had plans for New Years Eve and we told him the kids would be spending the night over at Denise and Scott’s house, so the guys were all coming over for drinks, smoke and a dip in the hot tub. He and Silas grinned and asked if they were invited. We said “Of course.” So, the party started in our house with drinks, snacks and smoke – and moved to the hot tub shortly before midnight. It’s a big hot tub – but it gets more crowded as our little group grows. Chad said “If it’s too crowded, it’ll just have to be a “cum and go party 🙂
We wish you a Happy 2022 with good health, fun, friends and love. xoxo David and Ben

…and we’re “hot-tubbers” once again!

Well… the new hot tub arrived and we got it set in place. Everything fit perfectly and it’s huge. After the tub was placed, Nathan and his crew finished the privacy fence – and then we started filling the tub. The kids were all so excited they wanted to get in as soon as it was filled. We told them the water was really cold but they insisted they didn’t care (Missouri spring water is 56 degrees year-round). So, of course they got in… with Bella screaming “Ouch. Ouch. It’s colder ‘n ice!” After 4 or 5 minutes, they decided to get out and wait till the water warmed up a bit 🙂
Some things about the new deck. Unlike our Northland hot tub, we don’t enter the deck through the house. We walk up five steps and enter it from outside. We put a thumbprint-reader lock on it and all the guys’ thumbprints have been entered into the system. Dub is the only one of the kids who has thumbprint access and that’s because he cleans it and checks/adjusts the chemicals every day. Jim, Carol, Scott, Denise and Nathan also have thumbprint access.
Alex recommended lightweight concrete deck flooring tiles and we’re really happy we used them. Ben and I were tired of sanding and re-staining the wood decking every year in K.C. We’ll still need to stain the cedar fencing… but can’t do that till the wood is thoroughly dry – probably about 90 days.
Anyway, the kids are all spending tonight over at Denise and Scott’s place at “Koala cove”. They’re excited about the “sleepover” and the gang is excited about mixing up some margaritas and heading to the hot tub – pipes in hand. I’m sure we’ll give it a good and proper christening 🙂

Dude. Whachagonnadoboutit?

You know how it is. I mean, you think you’ll just hop in the shower for a quick de-funk… and up pops your favorite shower toy. So, whachagonnadoboutit? Seriously, what ARE you gonna do about it? (If David’s home it isn’t a problem…but if he’s not…”whachagonnadoboutit?” 🙂

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I really screwed this up. I’d asked Ben if he could do a post I could “tag-on” to and he did this one – and when I wrote the tag, I somehow managed to post it without my comments. I’m glad David and Ben understand WordPress, I’m pretty sure I never will.
Anyway, wanted to let you know Chance got his bandages off yesterday. He was really happy about it and was able to shower yesterday evening (for the first time since his surgery). The Doctor said he’s healing “remarkably well” and there’s every reason to believe the implant can be turned on in three or four weeks. Then, the work will begin. Roberta has been studying about learning to hear with cochlear implants and has put together a daily program for him. It’ll consist of saying a word and showing it to him in writing and signing it at the same time. She’s also working with Dub, Bella, Alex and me so we can use the same method. We told the Doctor about it and he said it sounds “Perfect.” He won’t have the implant turned on until after Christmas – and it’ll be a long process – but he’s a bright kid and has lots of resources – so we’re betting he’ll be hearing before too long.
We’re all super excited about Christmas at the lake. Alex has been making weekly trips to Table Rock to supervise construction of Ty and Damien’s new cabin – and he works on decorating our cabin for Christmas every time he goes down there. Knowing my hubby, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! xoxo Cal and Alex