Matty, Lissa, Chad and Raef. Plus… a look at some “average joes.”

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. Since everyone has been doing “Gay porn and kids” posts, I guess it’s “our turn in the barrel.” Alyssa and Mateo are doing great. They’re settled into their new rooms and are obviously happy kids. Matty’s language skills continue to improve. When we started fostering him, Spanish was his only language so he’s had to learn English – and, of course he’s learning French and ASL in school. It’s a lot for a little guy but he’s handling it well. He loves school, being with the other kids and playing with “Bud.”
Although there’s only about a year-and-a half difference in their ages, Lissa thinks she’s his mother and honestly, she does a pretty good job at it. She’s very mature for her age (we think because she lived with Miss Evelyn for so long) and she clearly has good maternal instincts. She and Bella are best buds and when they’re not together they’re usually texting.
I’m lucky because I’m with them at school all the time, but they’re both crazy about Raef… as he is about them.
So I guess that’s what’s going on with us. We keep following the situation with covid vaccine for kids and it’s looking like it may be available early to mid November, so we’re hoping for a big, mask-free Thanksgiving. Failing that, we think the entire “Table Rock gang” will be able to enjoy a mask-less Christmas – complete with the grandparents.
Thanks to David and Ben for these “average joes” pics. Raef’s gonna love ’em!
Hugs and best wishes for good health. Chad and Raef

Dude. Check out these “good old boys”!

Hey, guys. Sorry about so few posts lately. Thanks for your concern. It’s been totally nuts around here. David and Keon are at a week-long business conference in Chicago… Rick is impossibly busy getting ready for fall planting season… and Chad and I have been busy getting school started – plus spending a lot of time over at the site for the new school. “Dr. C” has commitments for the money to build the first phase. It’ll have classrooms for “preschool” and grades one through six – plus a “multi-purpose room”. We’re using he same architects who designed our Kansas City campus, so it’ll have every modern safety and health feature. We’re hoping to have it built by the start of school next year. It’s been fun to watch the site progress but also a lot of work. The kids are wildly excited about getting back in school. We’re expecting an excellent (fully masked for now) year. I promise we’ll do a better job of posting in the future. Hugs. Ben

Here’s an e-mail we received Tuesday from our new friend “Lloyd” in Canton:
“Hey, David, Ben and friends on URD. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and advice about being a sperm donor for my friend “Karen”. I called her and we went out for lunch and I told her I’d thought it over and couldn’t do it. She was disappointed but said she understands. She said ‘You know, what we both need is to find a good guy to fall in love with and build futures together. Knowing us as I do, we’d probably pick the same dude and end up hating each other.’ She’s an amazing friend.
The next thing that happened was my boss called me into his office and said ‘I may have good news for you.’ I’d requested a transfer over a year ago. Not because I didn’t like my job or living in Canton, but because it’s the only place I’ve ever lived and I want to experience other things and living in other places. He told me there was an opening in our home office in Austin, TX and management wanted to interview me. So, I flew to Austin to meet with them. After a series of interviews they offered me the job with a generous cost-of-living adjustment and a substantial salary increase. I accepted – spent a couple of days looking for a place to rent – found one and signed a (one year) lease. The only bad thing is they want me there ready to go to work on September first. So, I came back to Canton, rented a U-Haul trailer and (with the help of family and friends) loaded all my stuff into it. I’m heading out tomorrow. It’s almost 1400 miles so I’ll be a tired puppy when I get there. I’m realistic enough to know everything won’t be perfect, but I’m excited about the change and I’ll make it work!
Phil, I’m sorry this means I won’t be able to meet you and Kyle and that makes me sad. I wish I’d known a long time ago you live in Canton. I’m pretty sure we could have been great friends.
Anyway, when I get settled in Austin, I’d like to become a member of the URD comment club if that’s o.k. with everyone.
I guess the next time you hear from me I’ll be a “Texan.” I just hope they’ll let me vote down there. Love you guys. Lloyd

“I’m basically a trashy fucker.”

We’re not doing a “Valentines Day” post this year because there’s so much going on here right now. Having said that, we want to wish each and every one of our wonderful on-line friends a Happy Valentines Day! We hope this special “day for lovers” brings you joy, good health and every happiness! xoxo Ben and David

Raef called yesterday evening wanting to know if it’d be o.k. if he stopped by for a drink. He said Chad was working the evening so he could have Valentines day off – and, of course go to the meeting with DSS. We told him we were just about to do our nightly reading session with Dub and Buzz, but we’d be free in about an hour. He said that sounded great and he’d bring a big batch of hot buttered rum. When he got here we grabbed our drinks (and a pipe) and headed to the hot tub. When we were comfortably settled into the water, Raef said he needed to talk about “a whole bunch of stuff.” I said, “That’s cool. Do it.”
He started by telling us about growing up in a trailer outside of a small town in East Texas. He said his “old man” was a total asshole who stayed drunk most of the time and got off on hitting him and his mother. He said every time his old man heard anything about gay people he’d say things like “What we need is an open rifle season on them fuckin’ queers.” But, he said his father wasn’t the only person he knew who hated gays. Said their preacher and his teachers and football coach all hated them. Raef ran away from home when he was 15 and ended up living with an Aunt and Uncle in Fort Worth and graduated high school there. He said his Aunt and Uncle were “good people” but they also hated “queers” and continually warned him about them.
Anyway, he eventually got a good job and ended up in Missouri. He said “I don’t live in East Texas any more, but I guess I’m basically a trashy fucker.” He said he’d tried dating girls but just never found one who did anything for him. Then, one day over at a boat dock on Smithville lake, he ran into Chad. He said they talked for a while and decided to go out crappie fishing together. He said “Man… I thought I was a good fisherman, but Chad is the best. He can find ’em and catch ’em anywhere, anytime. And we got along really well and got to be friends and started hanging out and doing stuff together. He said Chad talks about Dub all the time. Said he’d helped him with his garden and loves being around him. Says he’s the neatest little dude he’s ever known. Then Chad introduced him to Rick and Keon and he thought they were good people – even if they are gay. Then, over time he met the rest of the Northland gang and “I realized everything I’d been taught about gay guys was wrong. I mean, you’re our friends and I love being with you and doing stuff.”
Then, he said one night he and Chad had gone out to a bar and got pretty wasted and ended up at Chad’s house and somehow they started kissing and “the next thing I knew, I was fucking him and it was the most amazing thing in the whole world. Then, a couple of weeks later, we were watching a football game on t.v. and… I still can’t believe it… but I just looked at him and said “Babe. I want you to fuck me.” And he said “Are you sure?” and I said “Please.” So, he did – and it hurt like Hell at first – then it started feeling o.k. and it ended up being about a thousand times better than the most amazing thing in the whole world.”
We sat there in the hot tub for a while passing the pipe and relaxing and David said “So, what happens now?”
And Raef said “I love Chad and I want to spend my life with him. I know he loves me, too… and we have a house and Bud… and I know he wants a kid like Dub or Tra or Chance or Austin or Bella more than anything. And I want what Chad wants. I’ve been thinking maybe we’d have a better chance of getting to foster Mateo if we were married, so I was wondering what you guys would think about me asking him to marry me.”
I started laughing and Raef frowned and said “What’s so funny?” I said “How could what we think possibly matter? If you love him and want to have a family and spend your life with him – then you and he – and hopefully Mateo – are all that’s important.”
Then, Raef started laughing and David and I were laughing… and he said “I’m gonna go home now. But I’m gonna stop at Hi-Vee and buy Chad a Valentines card, and tomorrow morning I’m gonna ask him to fuck me… and while he’s got his dick shoved way up in my guts I’m gonna say “Happy Valentines Day, babe. Will you marry me, please?”
We all laughed some more – and David said “That sounds like a good plan to me.”
Chad called this morning to tell us he and Chad were headed to the “Recorder of Deeds office” to get a marriage license. He asked us not to tell Dub yet because he wants to ask him to plan the wedding and be his “best man.”
We’ll keep you posted 🙂