With school now out of session for a while, Dub has been spending quite a bit of time over at Nathan and Diana’s place – tending Diana’s herb garden. He says “she’s too big to bend over much 🙂 ” He and Diana have become buds and he says they “can talk for hours.” She only has about a month before their baby is due. I don’t know who is more excited… Nathan, Diana or Dub!

For those of us who are serious Jeopardy fans, here’s an interesting article from “whattowatch.com” (I’ve edited it).
“We’ve now had eight guests hosts. And because this is the internet, we have to rank them. (Here are) the best post-Trebek Jeopardy! guest hosts, ranked:
1. Mayim Bialik
Rare is the actor whose work manages to span decades and generations. Rarer still is one who also has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. And even more rare is one who is able to take all of those traits and turn them into a winning combination as guest host of Jeopardy!. But Mayim Bialik is precisely that badass. All that ties together in what is an extremely compelling stint as guest host. (And one of the last to have a two-week run.) She’s conversational without being too casual. She’s knowledgable and doesn’t sound like she’s just reading the prompter — which is exactly what you’d hope to get from an actress/scientist.
2. Anderson Cooper
“Time spent talking on TV will prove to be extremely beneficial in the battle for Jeopardy! guest host supremacy, as Cooper easily has been the best out of the first half-dozen guests. He’s got just the right amount of swagger. He’s got just the right amount of humility. And he’s got the perfectly grayed hair. He’s also been giving folks the facts for decades. That’s why he’s a natural here.”
3. Bill Whitaker
4. Dr. Mehmet Oz
5. Mike Richards
6. Katie Couric
7. Aaron Rodgers
8. Ken Jennings
While David, Dub and I definitely agree with the “what to watch” ratings for Mayim Bialik and Anderson Cooper, we think the rest of their list is pretty much B.S.
Anyway, if you’re interested in reading the article, here’s the link:

WHOA, dude. Grab your pic!

Today’s WHOA post is kind of special because it includes one (or more) pics specifically selected for each of our CCC guys. Yup. If you’re a CCC dude, there’s a pic (or two) just for you. Doubt you’ll have much trouble deciding which one it yours 🙂

We’re obviously very excited about the NFL gameS tomorrow. We’ll all be decked out in our Chiefs gear and gather at the Koala Cove clubhouse for food, fun and the games. We wanted to make sure Dub understood it was “just a game,” so Ben told him “It wouldn’t be the end of the World if we lost to the Bills.” Dub said “It wouldn’t be, but it’d sure feel like it.” GO CHIEFS!

AWESOME, dude!

We had about 3″ of snow here Sunday. The kids were so excited we could hardly get them settled enough to watch the Chiefs game. Sunday evening, Jim and Carol had arranged a special treat – an old-fashioned hay ride. A friend of Jim’s brought over his tractor – pulling a trailer loaded with straw – and we all piled on. We rode around the countryside for a couple of hours, and ended up back at Jim and Carols’ house for hot chocolate and home-made donuts. What a treat. What wonderful friends!