WHOA, dude. Grab your pic!

Today’s WHOA post is kind of special because it includes one (or more) pics specifically selected for each of our CCC guys. Yup. If you’re a CCC dude, there’s a pic (or two) just for you. Doubt you’ll have much trouble deciding which one it yours 🙂

We’re obviously very excited about the NFL gameS tomorrow. We’ll all be decked out in our Chiefs gear and gather at the Koala Cove clubhouse for food, fun and the games. We wanted to make sure Dub understood it was “just a game,” so Ben told him “It wouldn’t be the end of the World if we lost to the Bills.” Dub said “It wouldn’t be, but it’d sure feel like it.” GO CHIEFS!

AWESOME, dude!

We had about 3″ of snow here Sunday. The kids were so excited we could hardly get them settled enough to watch the Chiefs game. Sunday evening, Jim and Carol had arranged a special treat – an old-fashioned hay ride. A friend of Jim’s brought over his tractor – pulling a trailer loaded with straw – and we all piled on. We rode around the countryside for a couple of hours, and ended up back at Jim and Carols’ house for hot chocolate and home-made donuts. What a treat. What wonderful friends!

Dudes. dudes. dudes. dudes. Yummy dudes. dudes. dudes.

If you ask us, these are some of the yummiest dudes we’ve run across in a while. Could almost be a WHOA post 🙂

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The club house at Koala Cove is finished and it was a perfect place for our “giving thanks get-together.” We missed having the grandparents with us this year, but we had an excellent Zoom with them that, kinda, sorta felt like being together. Surely, by next year we’ll all be able to get together – in person – complete with hugs!
“Dr. C” called Ben to tell him Evelyn’s attorney had paid a full years’ school tuition for Matty. It was a surprise, but as Ben said, “It’ll be money that’s available for some other kid who needs a good education.”
Ben and the kids had a full week off from school over the Thanksgiving holiday, so Dub worked with Nathan and his crew finishing up the addition to Chad and Raef’s house. It’s finished now and it’s wonderful. As the addition was being finished, Alex told the kids he had “new” furniture for them. He said he has a big credit at one of the consignment stores in Lenexa, KS and knew they had the right furniture. He had the people at the store e-mail pics so he could show Alyssa and Matty and they loved it. So, Chad and Raef rented a U-Haul and went and picked it up. It really is perfect.
I went over one day last week to watch the guys working on the addition. I swear, it’s like watching a ballet. Obviously, Nathan is in charge, but you’d never know it. The men on the crew just all know what needs to be done and they do it – without apparent direction. They do concrete work, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting and whatever else. I watched Dub and he was constantly working. No one was telling him what to do, he just did it. That evening at dinner, I asked him how he knew what to do. He thought about it for a minute- then said “Well, at first, I kept looking for what needed doing, but after a while, you just sort of ‘feel it.'”
Ben and the kids are back in school now and things are settling down after a big holiday – with another just around the corner.
We love you and wish you good health and happiness. Hang in there guys, the Covid vaccines will be here before we know it.