It’s a “Friends Friday” look at boys from the Czech Republic!

Hey, guys, it’s Rick. This week we’re taking a look at some William Higgins models from the Czech Republic. Keon and I have never done a “series” post, but David does them from time-to-time and we think they’re great. These pics are obviously gay porn, but we think they’re artwork of a sort. We assume that all these boys are straight and just doing this to pick up some extra money. We’re going to give you a little background information on each of them:
Pics #01-#08: KAREL OMANAK. Karel is one of William Higgins’ most recent models. “(He) is aged 18 and lives in Brno. He is a very cute straight guy who is a student. In his spare time he enjoys sports, fitness and soccer.” Brno is the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic (population of around 375,000) and is about 140 miles Southeast of Prague.
Pics #09-#16: IVAN MELEK. “Ivan is aged 24 and lives in Prague. This handsome, bearded, str8 guy is a garden designer who enjoys mountaineering, sports and hiking.” Prague is the Capital and largest city in the Czech Republic with a population of about 1.25 million. It is the home of Charles University which has an enrollment of approximately 51,000. We suspect many of William Higgins’ models are university students.
Pics #017-#024: ALAN CARLY. “According to William Higgins, Alan Carly is their most popular model on the site.” He’s from Prague – is 24 years old and his sexual preference is unknown. What IS known is that he does tons of “boy-boy porn,” including blowjobs, bareback (top and bottom), creampie, rimming and fisting. We’ve watched a lot of his videos and he most definitely seems to enjoy what he’s doing.
Pics #025-032: MILAN MANES. “Milan is aged 19 and lives in Brno. This hot straight guy works as a salesman and enjoys sports, soccer and table tennis.”
Pics #033-#040: KAREL LAZEK. “Karel is a very handsome 22 year old straight guy. He is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and swimming.” We haven’t run across any videos with this dude, so he may, in fact be straight (and a bit more modest than most of Higgins’ models).
Pics #041-#048: PETER HRONSKY,JR.: Peter is 18 years old and is the son of Peter Hronsky a model from some years back. “Peter brought Peter Jr. to William Higgins and what a treat it was. Jr. lives in Prague where he is a hairdresser. He enjoys sports, MMA and boxing. He does a nice interview where we find out that he is a virgin.” We looked and looked trying to find photos of Peter’s father and finally found just one. It’s pic #49 here and we think there’s a noticeable family resemblance.
—So, that’s our little glimpse into the Czech Republic. Our source for most of these pics (and model information) is “Spunked.” If you want to see more Czech boys, here’s the link:

Earlier, Ben did a nice job of telling you about our 4th of July week at Table Rock. We’re really excited for Cal, Alex, Izzie, Scott and Denise. We’re looking forward to helping them repair, update, remodel and redecorate their “new” lake home once the paperwork gets done and the purchase is finalized. There’s one story we want to tell you about the week.
As a birthday treat for Dub’s dad (and Travon’s Unca) Ben, the boys wanted to make home-made ice cream for him. Dub had called Jim and Carol in advance and told them, and they’d promised they’d have everything ready. They wanted to do it on the 4th, but we were so busy (and the cabin was so crowded) we talked them into waiting until Thursday. So, Thursday afternoon the boys went over to Jim and Carol’s place to prepare Ben’s treat. Jim said when they got there, he got out his electric ice cream freezer and started getting it ready. When he did that, Dub said “Nuh-uh. Not like that. We wanta make real, crank ice cream.” Jim told them it’d be the same, but said the boys “were having none of it.” Travon said, “We wanta make real ice cream like we did before. You have to crank it a million times, then it’s real good.” So, of course, Jim got out his old hand-crank freezer and they made “crank ice cream” for Ben. It was DELICIOUS!