We’re feeling “Glad all over” – or maybe it’s just “WCACO”

Our buddy “Bill S” commented yesterday, saying: “I’ve always thought that a hot dude wearing coveralls is extra hot. #2 is extra, extra hot! So there’s another new post acronym for you — WCACO! (-: “.
Bill left it to us to figure out what the post acronym “WCACO” stands for. Anyone want to guess?
Anyway, we love the idea and as far as we know, this is the first time we’ve done a “COVERALLS” post. Thanks, Bill, for a great new post theme!

Happy birthday, dear Phil. Happy birthday to you!

Back on February 6th, our buddy “Phil” sent us an e-mail with the subject “Birthday.” Unfortunately, the Juno Gods decided to put it in our “spam” folder and we didn’t see it until this morning. We only check the “spam” folder about once or twice a month and we’re just lucky Ben caught it. Here’s the e-mail:
“Sounds like you’ve all had a wonderful Super Bowl weekend. My birthday happens to be on February 2nd, but I now realize, I never told you when my birthday was to add it to the pool of birthday posts (not that I would ever expect anything). I continue to enjoy whatever unruly things you have to share. I wish you health, warmth, and an early spring. Happy Groundhog Day,
Phil and Kyle”
Phil, we’re sorry your birthday post is so late, but Ben has added you to our “birthdays calendar” and next year we’ll try to do a post for you in a more timely manner.
Phil and Kyle have been remodeling and redecorating their home for a long time and have been kind enough to share pics from time-to-time. Since they’ve undoubtedly had lots of “humpy” workmen around during the remodel, we thought a post of working dudes would be appropriate.
Phil, we hope you had a wonderful birthday. You and Kyle are dear friends and we always enjoy hearing from you and getting news about your son. You’re kind of role models for us! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!

Dude. You’re crackin’ us up!

Our last (and only) “butt cracks” post was on Sept. 20, 2017. We were welcoming Denny and Dave back from vacation at the time. These pics really are a voyeur’s delight!

The entire Northland gang went out to dinner yesterday evening. We were all suffering from a bit of “cabin fever” and too much college basketball on t.v. We were all seated at our table when I got a text from Alex who had just returned from the mens’ room. The text said “You need to go to the rest room – and on your way, check out one of the dudes sitting at the bar. He’s hunched over a beer and flashing about 3 or 4 inches of one of the prettiest hairy butt cracks you’re likely to ever see.” I promptly excused myself and headed to the mens’ room. The scenery was as lovely as Alex had promised, so when I returned to the table, I forwarded the text to David, who decided he too, needed to visit the mens’ room. By the time our food arrived, all of the guys had visited the mens’ room. You’d have thought we were all suffering from urinary tract infections or something 🙂