Yummy young hairy dudes!

On Sunday, “bw” commented, saying:
“I hate to even ask for a post because I know you guys are so busy – but for some reason I have a hankering for a young hairy dude post – think Ben or Chad at about 19 or 20.”
I started the post right away, but quickly realized just how rare pics that fit b.w.’s description are. So I went back into our archives and pulled out these photos. In a way, it’s kind of a “best of” post because most of these pics have been posted before… on UnrulyDude, or Unrulyboi or BadAss Boys, or Buffboi. So, these pics cover just about the entire time I’ve been blogging. But, DAMN! There sure are some HOT boys here 🙂

Happy birthday, dear Anthony… Happy birthday to you!

With apologies for the late-day post, this comes with our every best wish for our dear friend, Anthony. We love you, babe… on your birthday… and forever!
David and Ben

Boyz au naturale!

This wasn’t even remotely the post we’d planned to do today… but we had a comment from “Alex”, saying:
“Oh please, I’d love to see another post with young, uncut, bushy guys (not even trimmed, but completely hairy dicks) ?”
As we said, it wasn’t the post we’d planned to do… but how could we not do the post Alex asked for?
Here you go, babe… Bunch of young, uncut, bushy guys. Hope they do it for you. Frankly, they look pretty much “lip-smackin’ good” to us 🙂