Happy birthday, dear Larry. Happy birthday to you!

It’s Larry’s birthday… and we want to wish him good health and happiness today – and for years to come.
Larry is a champion. He’s one of our dearest, most loyal, most tolerant friends. He puts up with tattoos, piercings, facial hair and all manner of other things he doesn’t necessarily like, because he’s our friend… and he’s the ultimate good sport.
Larry. We hope these boys will make your birthday a little brighter. We’ve tried to make sure there are NO tattoos, NO piercings and NO facial hair in your birthday cake. Happy day, baby. We love you! xoxo David, Ben and Beto

Special thanks to Beto for sending us many of these pics. Beto knows exactly what “his mates” like – and we know Larry will love the pics Beto selected for him!

Happy birthday, Phil!

We wanted this post to be special because our friend Phil is a very special guy. He’s one of the medical professionals who keep us healthy – and take care of us when we’re not. Members of the medical profession (like teachers) typically aren’t paid as much as they should be… but they don’t do it for the money. They do it because they’re fundamentally good people who care about their fellow humans. They do it because they’re dedicated and value the right things in life. Thank you, Phil for all you do – including being a part of our URD family. We love you and wish you good health, love and every happiness on your birthday for for many years to come. xoxo David and Ben

Dude. Check out these butt naked twinks!

Continuing with our series of “butt naked boys,” today we have a nice group of “butt naked twinks” – all proudly showing us their beautiful boners! We realize these youngsters won’t appeal to everyone but we’re pretty sure Phil, Larry and several more will find them drool-worthy!

Last Friday, we took the kids to Springfield to get their second Pfizer “Covid” shots. We could have gotten the shots in Kimberling City or Branson… but the kids were so excited about our first Covid shot outing in Springfield we gave in and took them back up there. We now have the entire Table Rock gang fully inoculated and are looking forward to a big Christmas get-together with everyone – including the grandparents. It looks like we’re going to be “living with Covid” for a long time, but knowing everyone is fully vaccinated in a HUGE relief!