A hot story, butts in jeans and a beautiful ass!

Ben and I were talking about the blog last night. UnrulyDude is an interesting thing. Just like millions of other sites, we post gay porn pics. Honestly that’s not much of a reason to visit the blog. The thing that sets us apart (and, we assume the reason we average a couple thousand visitors per day) is the community we share with our on-line friends. In other words, without you guys, the blog wouldn’t be worth either doing – or visiting. What brought about the subject was our friend “Tim’s” wonderful, amazingly erotic story he shared with us last Friday. In case you missed it, here it is:
“We went out to eat with some friends recently, a young couple, in their early 20’s.
We arrived in separate cars, parked next to one another.
After they got out, the husband had to get something straightened up in their back seat that had tipped over on the way to the restaurant.
He was wearing snug fitting blue jeans, which showed off his ass perfectly. He opened the back door, leaned in with his legs spread apart just enough to display the entire rear seam of his jeans…down his crack, across his hole, and over his full taint.
He’s just totally sexy, from head to toe, a country boy type. Slender, fit, and good looking.
Whatever heavy thing it was, he had to physically strain himself to sit the object back upright.
From that lifting, it caused his ass to flex, making his crack pull the rear seam inward.
You could tell EXACTLY where his arsehole was located when it puckered up as he lifted.
I’m still left with that very brief moment in time visual burned into my memory.
I wanted to go over, and yank off his jeans right then and there. Damn!
Dinner was enjoyable, and we discussed dessert trying to decide what to get. I looked him in the eye, and told him I thought nice piece of cake sounded delicious. He just smiled at me, not having a clue what piece of cake I was actually thinking about, lol.
I’m going to email you a picture of myself belly flopped on my bed. Today’s post has made me really horny, so much so I wanna show off my own buns to somone, lol. If you wish, you can include it in an unrulydude post of some sort sometime.” (It’s pics #49 here).
Indeed we do want to include it, Tim! Because it’s HOT – and because you – and our other on-line friends – make URD what it is. THANK YOU for sharing your story, your pic and your friendship. WE LOVE YOU!

13 comments to A hot story, butts in jeans and a beautiful ass!

  • FredinMotul

    Yep, now we know that “Tim” is FINE! Gosh, that is a great story and a fine nucleus for a fantastic post. Thanks Men! Best to all and Be Well !

  • ray

    Beautiful pictures for a very erotic story, thanks!

  • Jingle


    But I gotta ask you, is there really any need to look at the clothed butts, when Tim’s fine rump ass is so proudly on full display?!?! 😝 😄

  • Bill S

    I’m not sure if many people come to this site for the CCC, BUT I am positive that many come to URD for the life-stories that Unrulyadmin shares with us all. And we THANK YOU!

    I foresaw this post when I first read Tim’s hot story! And (of the 48) my favorite is that kid in pic #41. I want to just grab him! (-:


  • Denny

    My favorite pics here today are #49, #49, and #49. Great ASS, Tim! 👅

    And those here I think mostly likely to cause Tim to fuck the mattress, are #20 & #16 – in that order!

  • Tim from MO

    David and Ben,
    I want to thank you for putting together a great photo selection of men wearing jeans….so HOT
    I have spent quite a bit of time going over these photos, enjoying each and every one of them.
    I really do checking out a nice piece of ass covered in jeans.

    The two guys that come closest in their pose to the moment in my story I shared would be #34, and #36. Damn.
    What I would have given to see my friend’s bare ass bent over, slightly spread, flexing, his pucker sucking inward as he lifted, and moved the stuff around in his back seat….😈

    Thanks for sharing my photo, too.
    You all are the best!

    Appreciate the time, dedication, and hard work you put into the blog. I also like reading everyone’s comments.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

    Love you guys!

    • Denny

      If this was Facebook, I would click “Like”.
      So let me just offer you XOXOXO and wish you many hours of “tight ass in jeans” watching. 🤠

      You da man, Tim.

    • Jingle

      Was your friend wearing ladies panties like #36 is?!?! 😄 haha

      • Tim from MO

        OMG Jingle, you crack me up!!
        Of course, I had noticed the thongy thingy sticking out in pic 36, and had intended to add in my comment that my friend wasn’t wearing one…..or if he was, it hadn’t escaped from its hiding place into the daylight for viewing!

  • Jason

    UD never fails to deliver. My thanks to you all for hours, days and weeks, now years of continued pleasure. I have been following for a long time, rarely comment but always enjoy. Now with an extended family your sharing of your quite remarkable lives is an added pleasure.
    Thanks Guys
    Jason from Queensland

  • Jingle

    Sometimes when there’s not a new post, I’ll randomly look back at old posts… Well, let me tell ya friends, I just rediscovered what is probably one of the all-around best posts Buff ever did on any of his blogs!!!!!

    From way back in 2013, “Chops”!!!!! Fucking GREAT then!!… And still fucking fantastic!!!!!

    A classic becomes a classic for a reason… It’s just that good!!!!!

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