A little gift for our buddy “Jingle”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick again. Yesterday, we did a post of “Aussie blokes” – with one of the pics being a dude who goes by the name of “Scott Campbell” (pic #26 in the post). Our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“But it’s beautiful crazy hot #26 that I wanna talk about!!… I well remember another amazing image we’ve seen of him!!… He’s standing on one leg, on the edge of the pool, slipping out of his Speedo!! Anyone else remember that?!?!”
We totally agree with “Jingle” about this dude, so I thought a “mini set” of his pics would be good. In this post, pics #01 through #09 are from Bentley Race and are dated 12 December 2013 (I’m pretty sure pic #09 is the one Jingle was thinking of). The next six pics (#10 through #015) are from Pantheon Productions’ Hotoldermale.com. The next five (#16 through #20) are from RedHotLatinos.com. The final pic (#21) is from teachtwinks.com and I’m including it because of Scott’s beautiful, hairy chest and AMAZING eyes.
We wish we could do a “mini post” of every dude in the posts we do 🙂

8 comments to A little gift for our buddy “Jingle”

  • ray

    I’m catching up on the last posts now – beautiful!! I’m sure Jingle will like his gift…

  • Denny

    OMG Rick – you are a miracle worker!

    Jingle is gonna be dancin’ in the streets!
    This guy really is HOT! My favorite pose here – of ALL these awesome shots – is #4. Is that a fine ass or WHAT?!?!?!

  • Jingle

    Oh WOW!! It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    You are simply too good to me!!

    (And yes indeed, it’s #9 that I was referring to!!)

    And doesn’t he look fetching with that pretty cock in his mouth?!?! And he’s a bottom?!?! Dang!!

    Again, thanks so much!!

  • bw

    This is a fine looking man – and I like that he is confident enough to be a model even though he is not a twink and his hair has receded a bit (it’s obvious why I like that part LOL). I agree with Denny about NO 4- that is an awesome shot.

  • Jingle

    Just spent a wonderful hour or so thoroughly reviewing the last two awesome posts!!

    In perusing the phenomenal collection of Aussie Blokes, I was struck by the dearth of body modifications!!

    There are only a handful of heavily tattooed dudes!! A few notable exceptions are Big Bear cyclist #6 (Notice the license plate?? A Latinate reference?? 🙂 ); selfies #14 (Gorgeous BIG uncut firehose cock!!) And 27; and truckers #29 and 32!!

    A few dudes with minimal tats!!

    Only two dudes with pierced ears!! #5’s discreet studs are so small, you might easily miss them!! And beautiful black dude #39!!

    And absolutely NO body piercings!!

    Makes me wonder if these kind of “decorations” go against the cultural more´s prevalent in Australia?!?!

    I think we all pretty much admire Scott Campbell!! 😛

    My awe for majestic #3 is undimmed… And his neighbour, junior hunk stud crazy rockin’ hot #4, are both welcome in my bathroom any time!! 😃😝😋

  • Bill S

    I think that I would love Australia! But Canada will do. (-:
    “Owugoinnowmateoright”! Many thanks to Jason for that!!! I LOVE the way you speak the language! We boring Americans just say, “How’s it goin’?”

    I think Scott looks best with that dick in his mouth. But that’s just ME! LOL


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