A nice honor…a close call…and a wonderful Holiday weekend at the lake.

“Beto” commented on David’s “Ben look-a-like” post, saying: “Anytime you bring us a guy that resembles Ben, the post will be a treat and a winner. But will there be a counterpart to this post? ‘Cause I have no doubt Ben is just as lucky as you. 😉”
Then, “ray” said: “Dear Beto, like you I would love to see a David look-alike post! The two of them must be a stunning pair!”
Over time, I’ve looked and looked for “David look-a-like” pics. The first two photos in this post are ones I’ve posted in the past, and they’re the best I’ve found. The second one comes particularly close… although the dude is clothed and we don’t really know what his body looks like. As far as porn stars who look like my hubby, I think “Scott Campbell” comes closest. “Scott” has been featured by Falcon Studios, Bentley Race, Hot Older Male, Red Hot Latinos, Teach Twinks, Cocksure Men, Hard Men at Work… and probably others.
There are, indeed striking similarities between “Scott” and “David.” Off hand, I’d say pics #34 through #45 look most like him.
Anyway, now you should have a pretty good idea what my husband looks like. I hope you think he’s as HOT as I do!

We’re back from a fun, eventful Memorial Day weekend at the lake. You guys already know about many of the things that made up our Holiday. Things like Pizza House pizza, pups, boats, wake boarding, Sunday church, crank ice cream, fish tacos, beer, pitchers of margaritas, great kids, lunch at the floating cafe, good friends, swimming, and quality smoke – to mention a few. Having said that, there are some particularly memorable things I want to tell you about. I’ll try to keep it short as possible:
1. Our weekend really started Friday morning with the annual “closing ceremony” at school. It’s an assembly of all students, teachers and staff. One of our Visual Arts instructors did a slide presentation with pics of just about every class, activity and special event of the school year – set to music. The assembly ended with the announcement of the annual “citizenship award,” which honors “the student who has shown by their words and actions that they possess the qualities and characteristics we hope to instill in all our students.” Each student, instructor and staff member gets one vote. We were all surprised when the Principal announced that this years’ award went to “Donald Benjamin ——-” When she said that, there was mostly silence… then she said, “Ummm, I guess I should say “Dub ——” and then everyone started applauding and cheering. Dub eventually went forward and the principal asked him if there was anything he’d like to say. He just stood there looking kind of embarrassed and said, “Thanks.” Everyone applauded some more and the Principal asked him if there was anything more he’d like so say. He finally grinned and said, “Sure. Thanks a lot.” Everyone laughed and applauded some more. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and I was really glad we had it on video so we could share it with David and our friends later.
2. Sunday, after Church, we headed out on the Lake. Chad and Raef were with us. We were just out of the cove when Austin started yelling “David, turn around. Turn around. Something’s following us. I think it’s a dog.” So we turned around and headed back toward the dock. Sure enough, we all saw what Austin was yelling about. A dog paddling along trying to catch us. When we got close, we saw it was “Bud” – paddling furiously and beginning to go under. Chad and Raef both jumped in and Chad finally grabbed him, held him up out of the water and handed him to Keon on the boat. Thankfully, he was awake, but wasn’t moving. We went straight to the dock, called Jim and told him we needed a vet. He told us to get in the car and head to Kimberling City and he’d have a vet he knows met us there. We had left “Buzz”, “Max” and “Bud” on our (locked) screened porch and somehow, “Bud” had gotten out and followed us in the boat. We figured he swam at least a quarter of a mile… an amazing feat for a pup that’s only about 5 months old. The vet met us, slapped on an oxygen mask, sedated him and put him on fluids and electrolytes. Then he did a blood test and lung x-ray. Long story short, he’s fine. He somehow hadn’t swallowed enough water to do severe damage to his lungs – and by Monday, he was running around acting like nothing had ever happened. WHEW!
3. One last thing. Monday evening we were all together for dinner on Cal and Alex’ screen porch when Austin said he had something to tell us. He was grinning ear-to-ear and said “We’re gonna build our own cabin.” Turns out, Ty and Damien are buying the extra lake lot from Scott and Denise – and have already met with a Springfield architect. Planning is underway and they say it will be finished sometime next Summer.
All-in-all, it was a GREAT weekend. Jim, Carol and the rest of us are really happy our little “Lake community” is still growing!

14 comments to A nice honor…a close call…and a wonderful Holiday weekend at the lake.

  • Jingle

    AWESOME post!!

    Fully clothed #2 is crazy rockin’ hot!!

    While I’m no aficionado of porn; I’d much rather get it myself, than watch professional models act out gettin’ it; I will admit that I’ve long been a big fan of fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ crazy rockin’ HOT Scott Campbell!!!!! WOW!!

    Nice and naughty, BIG fun!! 🙂

  • bw

    I’ll be looking up Mr. Campbell and check out some of his work – he’s an incredibly attractive man – especially handsome in NO 48.
    Many years ago I was with friends on the beach and they were sailing Hobie Cats – my friend from work asked me to go with him, so we left my dog with the crowd and took off – I hear a commotion from the beach and look and there is a golden retriever head behind us, swimming as fast as she could. We were able to turn around and get close and I jumped in and handed her up to my friend – she ended up sailing with us which was what she wanted all along. It scared the crap out of me though.

  • Larry

    Great story as usual. Just read about the tornado in KC, It says it was really in Lawrence and SE of the city, so I hope you and the gang are ok.

  • Denny

    From David’s description of Ben at their first sexual encounter, and Ben’s sweet expressions of love and lust for his “Lovah Man”, we all pretty much knew we had two “10s” here. But now we can see, thru the pics they have posted, that we have two porn star look-alikes sharing their adventurous lives with us!

    I’m not going to pick just one or two of these pics, because they are ALL sizzlin’. If you do pick some faves, just note that Row One contains #1 and #2 AND #1 and #2, so the rest of the pics are 2 numbers off from where they should be.

    Ben and David, I am so happy for you – raising a son whose abilities and good works have now been recognized by all at his school, and he has been REWARDED for it!!!

    Be PROUD, you two…be VERY proud!!!

    So glad your scare with Chad and Raef’s “Bud” had a happy ending. It seems like Bud’s devotion to his daddies is as fervent as Buzz’s devotion to Dub!!

    The next little dude who deserves a HUGE round of applause, is Austin, who announced the BEST NEWS EVER about HIS 2 Dads!! Ty and Damien! I gotta say, I never saw that one coming. That new cabin is gonna knock your sox off, no doubt!! I hope they know where they can find a SUPERB designer/decorator!!

    Thank you, Ben, once again, for a most excellent set of pics AND narrative of a very full and happy long weekend.

    And, totally off topic, but well worth mentioning – I’m sure you’ve noticed that James Holzhauer is over the 2 million mark on Jeopardy!! Do we dare hope for a new all-time champion….?

  • Alexander

    Thanks for the Memorial Day wrapup!🏕 Certainly there must have been some “crank” ice cream with Jim and Carol in the mix!

    Bud clearly was not going to be left behind. Glad he’s safe.
    Austin’s news is great too! Ty and Damien may be the first Table Rock residents featured in “Architectural Digest.”

    I’m rooting for Jeopardy James. Hope he breaks Ken’s winning record.
    Finally thanks for sharing your weekend. Have a great and safe summer.

    Maybe Beto or Denny can come up with a lake name for the lake crowd.
    Your the Northland gang at home. Choose a holiday name for the lake?


  • ray

    So now we have an idea about how David looks like, too. His look-alike is very, very attractive, but- shall I say it?- I think I shall: he looks much more serious (or should I say: somber) than I had imagined David to be…But this is probably just a wrong impression of mine!
    I am so HAPPY that everything went well with Bud. You should have a close eye on that little adventurous fellow!

  • Bill S

    Thanks for the Table Rock Adventures of the Northland Gang!

    I’m glad that you all got through a fun weekend unscathed (especially Bud).

    GREAT news about Ty & Damien and Austin!!! Now the WHOLE Gang’s all THERE!!!

    And somehow I think you all are more attractive than either of your “look-alikes” can tell us — at least in my mind’s eye! (-:


  • FredinMotul

    Congratulations to “Donald”! In today’s world, I would only answer to Dub myself! A great post and so much news for us! Thanks also for the visual aids. Carry On Men!

  • Kent

    Thanks for sharing all the news. It’s nice that others recognize what a special boy Dub is.

  • Your site really sucks because my anti-virus program McAfee keeps telling me some of the sites I click to at the top right of the page are not safe so why list them??? Makes you look like a Professional Scammer of sorts…very bad for business…

  • unrulyadmin

    Dude. Sorry you think URD “sucks.” We are NOT “Professional Scammers.” We love all our viewers… but, if you’re offended,, please just “go away.”

  • Roberto

    Ha, I KNEW it! 🙂 As Ray so precisely put it, “a stunning pair”, and I’d add that you two are icons for the cute-handsome theme I once suggested. 🙂

    I remember #1 from an unruly post back in 2015, and everyone went “WHOA!” then, hehe, for very good reason. #2 doesn’t even need to take his shirt off to ooze sex appeal…

    And this porn dude Scott Campbell… well, I have to second every adjective used by Jingle here! And so you’ve also got some nice amount of fur, David… certainly more than enough to make Ben frisky! 😉

    Gotta love the pit show-off in #18 (it’s sweating! Oh, boy!), and I find #19 the most artistic pic in the post: so beautiful to see his body and fur illuminated by the sun; that really is Nature in all its splendor!

    #24 shows a really kewl way to get a blowjob!

    Well, Ben, if Scott specially resembles David in pics #34-45, I’ll say it again: you’re just as lucky as David! Man, look at everything he’s showing there! Bloody freaking utterly DELICIOUS!!

    Remember that I voted for every pair you selected for the Cute vs Handsome post? Well, having seen both look-alike posts, I vote for a TIE here – and this one I know will last forever. 😉

    Thank you so much for the post, Ben, and I’m happy for all the good news! Dub rocks just like his daddies and uncas!

    P.S.: If you don’t mind me asking this, please tag this post. 😉

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