…a pocketful of miracles…

“I’ve got a pocketful of miracles…
But if I had to pick a miracle…
My favourite miracle of all is you
And me.” …Jimmy Van Heusen

Hey guys, it’s Rick. First, I guess I may owe “Jingle” an apology for these pics because I know he doesn’t like photos without faces. Sorry, dude. We promise to do better next time 🙂
Keon and I spent all last week at our cabin at the lake. We worked really hard and made lots of progress. When we got there, we met the antique dealer who’s buying the furniture and helped him load it to take to KC. Then, we hauled off the old appliances. It’s amazing how much bigger the cabin looks when its empty!
The next thing we did was strip and sand the kitchen cabinets. They’re solid birch and ready for Alex and his magic spray gun. They’re gonna be really pretty!
After that, we started on the rock garden. It was mainly just a weed patch when be bought the cabin but we knew it’d be a very special, beautiful place when we finished with it. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it’s about 25′ x 50′ and we moved every statue, bench and rock. Jim (and a friend of his) came over and helped and we did it in three sections… moved everything out… dug out all the weeds… put down two layers of ground cover sheeting… then put everything back. The only things we didn’t move were the two beautiful Emperor Japanese maple trees. The first day, we were moving rocks and Keon yelled “FUCK ME!!” and went running toward the cabin. He’d run across a big snake. Jim was laughing and said he thought Keon had “great moves.” Jim saw it and said it was a king snake – and one of the biggest he’d seen… probably 4 foot or longer. He said we wouldn’t need to worry about copperheads or timber rattlers because with the king snake there, they wouldn’t be around. He said king snakes will eat smaller snakes, even if they’re poisonous to people. There were two big pots laying on their sides and it took all four of us to move them. Turned out they’re “bubbling urns” and had fallen over because their in-ground water storage basins had collapsed. Jim found us some new ones in Branson and we dug out the old ones and put in new polyethylene ones. Whew! What a job. We also had to get new pumps, but finally… by Friday evening, we had it all done. It’s beautiful and I’m sure we’ll spend many hours out there!
By the time we got home late Friday, we were “bushed.” Keon said he was “sore in places he didn’t even know he had places.” I think we’re beginning understand what “bw” said about how a home and a second home are “more than twice the work.” xoxo Rick and Keon

13 comments to …a pocketful of miracles…

  • Jingle

    You’re right!! Not a big fan of this post… 😕

    But I will say this… If nasty crazy scary raunchy dirty-hot #31 beckoned me over, I’d gladly service him!! And then I’d get my fat tattooed white ass outta there!! 😝 haha

  • FredinMotul

    Great Post. Thanks for all the Cabin Tales. It will be a lot of work to get it the way you want it, but once you do, you all will be so happy! Surrounded by all the natural beauty and Love, it will be grand. Oh, and YES as an expert in King Snakes, keep that guy around, get used to his habits, so he does not freak you out as much. He will keep you much safer there than you were. Poisonous Snakes stand no chance around a good size King Snake! Especially the young ones. Best of luck!

  • Alexander


    Thanks for the Tablerock update. With all the work, your cabin will be most excellent.
    Rock garden sounds cool. Tell Keon he’s not the only one who hates snakes. I walked up on
    a 4 foot black snake in my back yard. I was so freaked I levitated 4 ft in the air and flew back
    into the house.


  • Brad

    This post is far from my favorite, but I never turn down an opportunity to look at some male appendages… 😉 From some reason, “peek-a-boo penis” popped into my head, and I laughed thinking that these guys were playing peek-a-boo with their penises… 😉

    Obviously, #2, 7, 8, and 37 got really excited playing “peek-a-boo,” and I can understand why…seeing all of these penises clad mostly in just jeans gets me going… 😉 There’s one (#44) that intrigues me more than the rest. Its size and foreskin tells me there’s much fun to be had while playing with it. 😉

    Home ownership is a lot of work and responsibility for sure, but when you have finished a project or two, you have a true sense of accomplishment. I have no doubt that the cabin is/will be beautiful and that you guys will have some great times there with family and friends. Thanks for sharing, Rick (& Keon)!

  • ray

    Thanks for all those “miracle bags”! I for one like them, they make me phantasize about the “owners” of these “tools”!
    What makes me feel uncomfortable is the mention of so many snakes around the lake – not my favorite creatures! Be careful, guys, and thanks for the update!


  • Tim from MO

    First off: I LOVE THIS POST, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT, LOL! I’ve posted similar pics on my own tumblr blog many, many times. One of the tags I’ve used for those pics is, ‘Cock in the Pocket’, haha.
    I’ve had a few pair of pants myself that I’ve cut a hole in the top of the pocket liner, so my cock could be more easily accessible. Makes for a good, direct finger-to-bare-skin cock fondle rub. After all, I think it’s important to keep in touch with yourself, you know?

    Your story of Keon made me laugh. Can just imagine seeing that happen! I can also imagine seeing you yell, “FUCK ME” the first time you uncovered Keon’s big snake he had coiled up in his pocket…
    I was a shipping department supervisor many years ago at a former workplace, we had pallets of boxed product stacked 6-7 feet high with a winding path between them, that you could get through to go to the back dock. People would go to the back dock to smoke on breaks/lunch times.
    One day the company manager…a small petite woman in her 50’s, who always dressed sharp and wore heels…was meandering her way through the maze of boxes to go take a smoke on the back dock. She went out of sight amongst the boxes….when I suddenly heard the sound of rapid ‘Clickey-clack’ tap dancing coming from the boxed goods. It continued for probably a minute, non stop….I turned, bewildered at what the heck was going on….to see her coming out from the boxes moving forward at a very very slow pace. It wasn’t that she was trying to go slow, because her feet were probably setting a world record for the fastest moving feet ever for a tap dancer. She wanted to run, but all she could manage to do was move her feet rapidly, with very little leg movement. She slowly went past me, towards the front office, tap dancing furiously. As she passed by me, she said in a petrified, strained, voice “I HATE SNAKES!!!”.
    She had stumbled across a big black snake in the pathway to the dock, and had nearly stepped on it.

    Didn’t see her the rest of that week!

  • bw

    When I first moved here I rented a great house out in the woods, and there was a 500 gallon propane tank on the backside of a retaining wall – a king snake liked to lay on it and sun, and he went from one end to the other. Needless to say there were no other snakes anywhere near the house.
    It’s a good thing NO 5 has a hole in his pocket for that fattie to get some air – there isn’t room in his tight jeans for it. 48 beautiful dicks – thanks Rick!

  • Bill S

    Thanks for all these snakes peeking out of their dens! I was hiking over the rocky terrain in the high desert of Colorado. It was springtime and the Rattlers were in a frenzy — they writhe in a big ball — unexpectedly, I found my right foot hanging just above one of those nasty balls — somehow, instead of taking that step, I was back up the hill looking down at where I had been! Either it was adrenaline or I had mastered the “power” of “The Teachings of Don Juan.” Whew! I just glad that I lived to tell the tale!!! (-:


  • Denny

    You guys worked yo’ ASSES off last week – DAYUM!!!

    And before I say another word, lemme just say what a super good friend The Northland Gang has in Jim! He not only came over to help with all the heavy, hard work in the rock garden – he brought a friend! Jim’s knowledge of snakes came in handy too. Keon, I would have been right there with you, Bro, haulin’ ass back to the cabin and slammin’ the door if I even THOUGHT I saw a 4 foot long king snake!!

    The new rock garden sounds fabulous – I wish you many happy times there, relaxing, after hours playing around with the kids on the lake.

    These PICS!!! Oh my fucking word!!! So much to drool and drip over!!!

    Of course, my faves here are the ones showing a little body hair in addition to their piece de resistance.

    #4 – that sexy feathery treasure trail leading to his nice bush that has its own cut out – for a little fresh air, dontcha know. And a perfect cock. Drool…drip.

    #20 – I would gently get that thumb outta there and jam in my whole hand to grab everything I could grab – starting with a big handful of boy bush.

    #15 – hairy, gumdrop nips just looking for a licking…enough body hair to keep me happy, leading to what looks like a full bush to complement that big fat cock with the exquisite SO suckable cock head. Gotta be my Dude of the Day!!!

    #32 – what a tease!! I wanna rip those jeans right OFF him!!!

    Tim, Bill S bw – I enjoyed your tales of the snakes, but I’m glad I’m just READING about them on my desktop screen!! 😉

    Rick, thanks for the narrative, and BIG thanks for the cock pics, Dude!! Let us know how the kitchen cabinets turn out, and what other clever, inventive ideas Alex has in store for your little piece of paradise.


  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, guys. It’s Ben. I didn’t see this until Rick posted it and, like Tim, I LOVE IT. Here’s the deal. One of the first things I noticed about riding my Harley was my dick kept getting hard when we’re out riding. Something about the sound and the vibration, I guess. And having a boner while you’re riding can be almost painful. So, I cut the bottom half of the pocket out of a pair of my Levis to kind of relieve the pressure. The first time I did it, David and I were riding up to DesMoines on I-35 and my dick was real hard and the head poked out of my pocket and I rode like that for quite a while and the first thing I knew, I was blowing a load just like the dude in pic #2. When we stopped at a rest area, I was wiping cum off my jeans and I told David about it and he thought it was really funny. I told him he should try it, but I don’t know if he has. Hell. It’s awesome!
    Can’t wait to see Rick and Keon’s rock garden when we go to the Lake for the 4th. I know it must have been a huge job! And what could you possibly say about Jim and his friend? Wow. We’re so lucky to have them as neighbors!

    • Tim from MO

      That’s such a hot story!
      I would have loved to have seen you riding slowly by with your cock in a pocket poking out pumping it’s cumload everywhere! Fuck!
      Thanks for sharing that experience, you Unrulydude you! 😜

    • Bill S

      I ditto Tim’s remarks and want to add that FOR THE FIRST TIME I’m not envious of your going to the lake! The reason; I will be going back to Kootenay Lake @ Kaslo B.C. for The Fourth! Ben, I’ll be wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (from afar!). (-:


  • bw

    Yesterday after looking at this post I remembered what I was going to comment on – Keon and Rick’s new house is special – there were lots of clues that it was a loved and treasured home – the nice furniture, having it looked after when the owner had to leave including keeping the utilities on, and the rock garden that was obviously a labor of love for the previous owner. I think it is so cool that Keon and Rick are respecting what he built – he would be so pleased.

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