AWESOME, dude!

We had about 3″ of snow here Sunday. The kids were so excited we could hardly get them settled enough to watch the Chiefs game. Sunday evening, Jim and Carol had arranged a special treat – an old-fashioned hay ride. A friend of Jim’s brought over his tractor – pulling a trailer loaded with straw – and we all piled on. We rode around the countryside for a couple of hours, and ended up back at Jim and Carols’ house for hot chocolate and home-made donuts. What a treat. What wonderful friends!

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  • Tim from MO

    Awesome, is right! Perfect title for a fantastic post selection of Unrulydude’s!
    You guys definitely know how to pick ‘em!

    It snowed over here just south of Joplin all day Sunday, but it melted on the roadways, and the accumulation was minimal on the lawns due to the temperature. It did stick to tree limbs, and was beautiful to watch as it came down, the snowfall was heavy most of the day.
    Had our temps been even just 2-3 degrees colder it would have probably been about the same accumulation here as what you all ended up with.
    I’m hopeful for some big significant snowfalls this winter in SW MO; we really haven’t had any deep snows more than 6” where I live for many many years now. Call me crazy for wanting a big snow, but I purchased a snow blower about 8 yrs ago and have only gotten to use it one time, the year I bought it…on about a 2-3” snowfall. They are enjoyable to use, it sure beats using a shovel!

    Biggest snowfall I can ever remember was In March, the winter of ‘70, we had 36” fall overnight! Was a winter wonderland that kept us kids out of school for an entire week.

    Your hayride sounded fun. I can imagine the kids had a blast!

    Love you guys!

  • ray

    Hayride…that’s something I would have supposed to exist in a Brueghel painting, not in 21. century America. How romantic!
    The title of the post says it all! I find #5 and #12 especially attractive.
    Thanks, and enjoy your bucolic adventures!


  • Denny

    This post is “AWESOME” PLUS!! And I love the kids on their 1st hayride ever!
    I want to comment at length but we may not have power here soon so I gotta conserve my phone.
    If you have access to The Weather Channel, check out the Northeast states- we’re in for very high winds, possible power outage and 14″ – 16″ of snow!
    I’ll be back when it’s over!


  • FredinMotul

    Oh Men! I shiver for you with all the Snow and Cold Weather!! I do like your solution. Give us a Red Hot Post! Cheers you up and warms all the right places! Thanks!! BTW I am drawn to # 16! What a smile and his Photo Bomb Buddy behind him is classic! Neat.

    Hay Rides were pretty common for us growing up in Western North Carolina in the 60’s and 70’s. I left for the NC Coast for College in ’71 and found myself on a committee to plan a Fall Party, and I asked why not have a Hay Ride? At first, my fellow committee members seemed put off by the idea. Not many folks there with “Country” experiences. The University had a fine tractor, and we found a good size wagon fast. It was very popular and was done even years after I left. Fond Memories. Glad your gang get to make their memories with you guys. OMG, Hot Chocolate AND Homemade Doughnuts?? You spoil those kids!! Would have loved to see their faces and they rode around and dug into the refreshments after. (Did you Adults have Hot, Spiced Apple Cider with a little Rum to knock off the chill? Another good memory!)

    Again, thanks for a “Heart Warming” Post and you all be well!!

    • Jingle

      Friend Fred, I thought the exact same thing about #16!! 🙂 haha The true subject of the pic is a real cutie, and his junk is perfection!!

      • FredinMotul

        Agreed! This is for sure one of those pictures where I would LOVE to know the story behind it. Casual Nude Beach Shot? Random strangers getting a picture and that guy behind them chimes in? Boggles the mind!! Something to wonder over. Be Well!

  • bw

    I had to bolt early this morning, but not before my wondering eyes should appear but No. 47 – handsome face, pretty eyes, a pelt on his chest and a lush bush, with no sharp objects ever to manscape all this beauty. Nice dick too!
    I’m off to central Florida this weekend, and the forecast for Christmas is ‘cold’ – 70-72, cloudy and a chance of rain. I might have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt!
    Denny, I hope this storm does not whack you too hard. The forecast was that it was moving to fast to become a bomb cyclone, but it does look ominous. I hope it does not blow away your decorations!

  • Jingle

    “AWESOME”, indeed!! WOW!! WHEW!!! YOWZA!!!! WHOA!!!!!

    When I glanced at this superb post stupid early this morning, and again on my lunch break, all I could think was I can’t wait to get home and bust out the Chromebook!!

    Did you notice what hottie #1 has in his shower with him?!?! Hmmm…
    Muscular #2 and #33 look ready to shoot!! My mouth is wide open!!
    Muddog #3 needs a real dick to ride!!
    ray’s beautiful #5 is a wonderful interpretation of the classic, “Flandrin Pose”!!
    Bangin’ hot #6, 9, 24, 30, and 42… Oh hell yeah!!
    Liebster ray, given your affinity for #12, how about #7?!?!
    Rockin’ hot #10’s thick cock with that bulbous head and taut balls are amazing!! Wonder if he’d like my finger… tongue… cock in his hole?!?!
    #15 is really lovely!! I actually turned the Chromebook upside down to see his sweet, gentle face!!
    #17 is rockin’ hot!! And he looks nice so cleanly shaved!! I think the beard look on younger dudes is showing signs of having run it’s course…
    Love selfie #18 and hunky #39’s rosey aureolas!! Amomg other fetching assests!!
    Achingly hard #19 is crazy hot!!
    Wouldn’t impressive #25 and #26 make a head-turning Salt & Pepper couple?!?!
    I’d waste no time sucking off SO/PO Rough Trade #27!!
    Junior hunk stud #29 has a great Cali Surfer Dude vibe about him!! Hang Loose!! 🙂 haha (In my Youth, I had a full head of loose tousled curls like that!!)
    Aww… #34 is just a d-o-l-l, doll!! And then there’s the junk!!
    Bucky Rough Trade #36 needs to lighten up!! Jeez, it’s not like I’m not gonna suck that dick!! Shoosh!!
    Great POV of Hot & Handsome #37!!
    Fuck yeah I’d eat out slut #38’s creamy cummy hole!!
    Someone needs to look after #41 before he ruins himself with that monster toy!! Shoosh!!
    Masculine beauty #46 is another fine example of Paul Freeman’s work!! (Any further thought being given to a post dedicated to Freeman’s wonderful photo Art?!?!)

    But I gotta tell ya, my still sleepy eyes went right to crazy rockin’ HOT #31!! And keep going back to him!! He’s outstanding!! There’s no doubt in my mind that bangin’ hot, plaid-clad, #32 is the Jingle-planted image… and I do really appreciate him!! Quite the delightful dilemma!! 🙂 I don’t really see these two clicking, – so I guess I’ll just have to spend some quality “just us” time with both of them!! 🙂

    AWESOME!! You really raised the bar with this one!!

  • Bill S

    Just like Jingle said: #2 & #33!!! Yummy! They deserve more than their own fist wrapped around their meat!

    Thinking about you Denny, that was some storm! Yikes!


  • Denny

    The snow storm I mentioned above began innocently enough about 5 pm Wednesday – just a few flakes swirling thru the air. It grew into heavy snow by about 8 pm, the wind was howling at 25 mph, with gusts up to 40 mph. It changed course a little bit, so the total snow accumulation by noon Thursday was only 12″. Yeah, I know, right? “ONLY” 12 freakin’ inches. It coulda been worse – we never lost power, no tree limbs down. But we are VERY GLAD IT IS OVER. Thank you, my friends for worrying about me. I love that about ALL of you!!!

    Let me say again – this post is AWESOME PLUS!! When you come late to the party, you have to expect that these beauties have been picked over, but from the 1st time I laid eyes on #34, Jingle’s d-o-l-l, :-), I was a goner! Maybe he doesn’t have a hairy chest but all the rest of his assets make up for that. Whoa!

    #42 is pretty hot too, along with bw’s #47. I am a sucker for a hairy chest – I married one! – but there is nobody in this post I would kick out of bed.

    The more I thought about the hay ride, the more I realized how much it was meant to be, for Alyssa to join The Table Rock Kids. Bella needed a gal pal and Alyssa deserved a better life than she was living. And then I began to wonder what must have been going thru Matty’s mind, or Chance’s mind, having SUCH a good time with kids their own age. All the Table Rock Kids are SO lucky to be right where they are now.

    Each night this week, as we are watching Brayden Smith on Jeopardy, I wonder what Dub must be thinking about him. In his own way, Brayden has his own “James” thing goin’ on – he knows SO much about SO many topics!!! And Friday, he hits $100 THOUSAND!!! ( I HOPE!!)

    Be well, y’all!!! XOXOXO

    • Bill S

      That Brayden Smith must have an unusual intellect; the way he turns his head at the question in EVERY Daily Double, it’s like he is getting a “picture” of the answer in his mind’s eye!

      I’m glad you didn’t lose power!


    • Denny



  • ray

    Denny, glad to know that this horror left you intact!


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