Dude. Check out these bulges, dickprints and v.p.l.’s!

Here’s a comment we received from “bw” yesterday:
“I hesitate to suggest a post, but this one inspired it, sort of. Everyone here at URD has been known to check dudes out if they are bulging, and trying not to get caught. Then Saturday I saw a throwback picture of Edgar and Johnny Winter (Johnny died 7 years ago Friday) and they are both in jeans, both pretty gifted boys, and both hanging to the right (All you younguns – Google the Edgar Winter Group). So my suggestion – a visible penis line post (or as the kids today call it a “dickprint”). And not staged for TikTok or Twitter – Real dudes showing a real bulge. I know this is a lot of work and a lot to ask, but I think it would be a fun post.”
Bill… please don’t ever “hesitate to suggest a post.” Post requests are our absolute favorite thing. This one was especially fun, so THANK YOU for a fun post suggestion! xoxo

Jingle e-mailed us pic #07 within minutes of Bill’s request. Thanks, babe!

15 comments to Dude. Check out these bulges, dickprints and v.p.l.’s!

  • FredinMotul

    Who among us has not enjoyed a “Guilty Pleasure” or two looking at guys with wardrobe constrictions that help us see what they were born with? What an awesome post!! Most of these guys are amazing on their own, much more so when you can see down below. Darling Jimmy made it to the party too! Excellent. Oh, and that last picture. Some how I figure that dog knows exactly where to go to sleep!!

    Thanks Men for these thought provoking photos!!

  • Jingle

    I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again… Fun, naughty, sexy post!!

    #27!! Superman, indeed!!

    And my plaid-clad #46!! Oh my, yes!!

  • ray

    This post is all the more enjoyable as nowadays everyone seems anxious to hide everything as completely as possible! Thanks, guys!
    #7 looks very well endowed…

  • Bill S

    All these pics are great eye candy! #3 is perfect —
    I’d be lingering at the wine counter pretending to be choosing a wine
    but I’d really be trying to savor the view (without being TOO obvious!).

    I think Brother Bill will like these too!


  • bw

    Thanks David and Ben – I love this. I glanced at it this morning but had to go in early – there is a reason I do mainly commercial and not residential – there is no drama in commercial whereas everyone buying a freaking house is a diva.
    NO 5 has been around the net for years -he’s probably well into his 20’s by now, but will always be famous for the Lycra and long skinny dick over his left thigh. As for NO 9 – you know you have a big package when you need an elastic expander for the buttons. The bush on NO 18 is just magnificent. NO 47 seems really excited to be at the auto parts store. And NO 26 reminds me of a dude I used to see when I worked in Buckhead (Atlanta) – he always looked liked he had 2 socks in his jeans, and I know that he was cut cause often you could see the head. And NO 38 appears to be my sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz…
    I’ve been putting up with people bitching all day and this has cheered me up – and the nice Manhattan I just finished helped too. Thanks again!

  • Bobby b

    DAMN😍Hot Crotch Shotz

  • Tim from MO

    Man Bulges!!! 😜😈🍑😍
    BW, great suggestion! I ALWAYS check out man bulges.
    It is so hot to me when you can see the outline of a cock…it’s head…the bulging nut sac surrounding it. FUCK.

    A guy at work a few yrs ago was taking a quick nap during break, laying on the floor kind of propped up against his riveting machine.
    He was wearing thin mesh shorts, legs spread apart, with his cock lying semi-erect up across his right leg.
    His cock outline was completely defined against the thin fabric, with its urethra line track, and cock head imprint visually hitting the back of my eyeballs when I saw it.

    Stopped me in my tracks.

    As I was visually taking this all in, his cock jumped, three or four times in quick succession.
    He was almost snoring he was so tired…but his cock was very much awake!

    Not sure if his cock saw me staring at it and responded, or if it was tied to a dream he was having….lol

    Love the post!

  • Larry

    Does anyone know why high schooo and college wrestlers dpn’t wear jockstraps. Certainly everypne who follows the sport must be aware that the junk is on full public display.

    • Tim from MO

      Hi Larry!
      Having attended a number of High School and college wrestling matches, I’ve seen some Wrestlers who do wear jockstraps, others wear Tight fitting support shorts underneath their singlets, and still some who don’t wear anything underneath their singlets.

      It seems from my observation whether they wear anything under their singlets depends on the coach’s direction.

      And yes…everyone knows who does, and doesn’t as it cannot be hidden.

      Decades ago in the US, it was totally normal for High School boys (but not girls) to swim naked in High School Swimming Teams, in full public display. That started changing in the late ‘50’s into the early ‘60’s when the practice faded away.

      Probably the reason we see gay porn pics that depict Wrestlers with nothing under their singlets is because those are the photos posted more frequently for viewing pleasure than the ones wearing jockstraps or tight compression support shorts, which hides the ‘junk’ a bit more…

      • Larry

        After I wrote this question I discoverd many blogs devoted to the subject.Many seriously connected it to ancient history when men wrestled nude, the singlet being as close to naked as you can in modern society. Others argued that it is more comfortable. Many think it shows what studs they are. One guy said it plainly – “Yes they know and they don’t care”.

  • Jingle

    Hi!! Had a thought inspired by this fantastic post!!… How about a post of guys, with their shirts ON… but big hard nipples pooking through!!

    Anyone like that idea?!?! I have a few pics I could send Buff!!…

  • mahtinp

    Jingle with a great idea for a sneaky nips post.
    I feel like this post was inspired by #40 and #46 in the PG-rated guys series, just looking back on that one this morning as well.

    Much Love Gents and Have a wonderful weekend,

  • Denny

    I’m late checking in but I’m LOVIN all these bulges and vpl’s!

    And yes indeed, thanks to Jingles sooo-WEET inspiration- bring on the peek-a-boo titty pics!!!


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