Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” peek “over the shoulders.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Back in August, 2017, Keon and I did a post on the “Flandrin Pose.” Those pics were of naked dudes sitting with their arms wrapped around their legs and their heads resting on their knees. Since then, we’ve been fascinated by a variety of pics of dudes in similar positions. Today’s pics are of guys (naked from head-to-toe) taken from behind “over their shoulders.” It’s not really a “pose” but we love both the similarity and differences in the photos. Hope you like them as much as we do!

We’re excited about the upcoming Easter weekend. Except for Ty, Damien and Austin (who are going to Houston for the Holiday with Ty’s family) the whole gang will be at the Lake. Chad, Raef (and Bud) are taking Dub and Travon and heading out Thursday morning. They’re taking Chad’s bass boat and plan to spend Thursday afternoon and Friday on the Lake crappie fishing. They said to plan to grill fish for dinner Friday evening. I asked if they were sure they’d catch enough fish to do that. Chad just said “Duh.” Travon told us Raef said they’re going to teach “Bud” to point fish. Knowing him and Chad as we do, we didn’t argue. We’re sure David and Ben will give you a full report on the Holiday activities later on. We hope all of you have happy, healthy, safe Holiday weekends. xoxo Rick and Keon

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  • Roberto

    I’ll come back later to fully appreciate these remarkable angles! Now let me say Happy Birthday, Kent!!! πŸ™‚ Hope your special day is going tremendously well! πŸ™‚

    All the best,

  • FredinMotul

    Unique perspective. Excellent post. May it be warm for you all! My pool has finally made it to 80oF so I am less likely to squeak when I jump in ! Be Well !

  • Alexander

    Dear Rick and Keon,

    Thanks for the holiday preview. Ty, Damien and Austin, have a happy time in Houston.

    For the rest, kicking it near Kimberling City…have a great time. Suppose if anyone
    could teach a dog to point out fish…it would be the dog whisperer Dub!
    Have an outrageously good time.🐟 David and Ben’s recap will be great.


    PS The Northland Rules.

  • Kent

    This is a great post, Rick, and a voyeur’s delight. It’s fun to see guys lost in thought and self-pleasure. Dudes doing what they do best.

  • Denny

    Before checking out this post, I went back to the Flandrin poses from August of 2017, and I am SO glad I did!! I had forgotten about that post, but let me suggest to all who read this – go back and enjoy the Flandrin poses for yourself – you will be glad you did!!

    Rick, what a brilliant -and very imaginative – idea to collect and post these pics of hot guys in the pose you have here. “Reclining in Sexual Self Gratification”. That would be the title of the pose in the Louvre, but back home, in the hollers and the back woods, we just call it “Leanin’ Back and Jackin’ Just for Fun”

    One of the sexiest guys here is #7, who appears to be looking up at you in ecstasy after unleashing his load. Pretty nice guns on him too.

    Don’t miss #12 and #45, the gingers with the fiery orange pubes – get too close and they will catch you on FIRE! (in a really GOOD way)

    Wanna know the truth? I love all these guys!!!

    Rick, thank you for assembling this post, Man. I hope (no, I KNOW) you, Keon and all the rest of the Northland Gang will have a fabulous time at Table Rock Lake!!!


  • ray

    Hey Rick, thanks for these interesting …shoulders! Have a great time at the Lake!

    • Jingle

      Mein Schatz, how fun and clever of you to wittily refer to this as a “Shoulders” post!! πŸ™‚

      True, the dudes’ shoulders are very much on display!!… But sooo much more to consider!!

  • Jingle

    Holy Cats!! TWO wonderful new posts to peruse?!?!

    Thank goodness I’m off this morning, with no prior commitments!! πŸ™‚ haha

    If you can peel your eyes off their lovely cocks, really check out #4 and #5… Different dudes, same setting!! The same can be said for #19 and #26!!
    I most heartily agree with Denny Dearheart about #7!! He’s magnificent!! But so are #28, 33, 38, and 41!! WHEW!!!
    #22 is quite the cum cannon!! WOW!!
    Aww… Impish #36 is adorable!!
    Special Props to #44 for his pierced navel!! Not all that typical for males!!
    Denny mentioned Ginger #45’s fiery bush, but the freckles on his shoulders and upper arms are quite delightful, too!! πŸ™‚

    But as lovely as they ALL are, for me, you saved the best for last!! Handsome, nice body, gorgeous cock, and all that fur!! Hot damn!!

    Wonderful post!! And not a runt in the litter!! πŸ™‚ haha


    • Denny

      #22 a cum cannon! Babydoll,I freaking love it! Never heard that one before -where the hell have I been, lolol!!!.

      It definitely applies here – he blasted a wad up to his ear!!!

  • bw

    I need to come back and study this post, but Denny and I locked in on one of the same lads – NO 45, with the thick thankfully untrimmed bush that matches his pretty red head – nice thick dick too!
    Nothing focuses fishermen quite like committing to feed people with the catch – and the fish may not cooperate. You might have burgers and dogs in reserve, not that I doubt Chad and Raef.

  • Bill S

    I keep coming back to #39. There’s that boyish “college man” look about him. He’s got a well-defined torso and a nice smile. And those eyes get to me too. I follow from his eyes to his delicious cock and I’m entranced by his pose. His head is laid back passed the end of the sofa as if inviting you to fuck his fine face!

    And now I find myself really looking forward to YOUR Easter weekend!!! Enjoy the fish fry!!! (-:


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