Dude. See it. Smell it. Taste it!

In response to Ben’s “shower jacking” post, “bw” commented,
“Maybe I am the exception, but I was never a shower jacker – I did, of course, soap it up and get things going, but I always like to see, smell and occasionally taste my cum instead of having it disappear down the drain.”
I think Bill has it right. Not many things better than “Seeing, smelling and tasting it” 🙂

Dub is, of course, very excited about Christmas. We got Angie’s gift bought and mailed on December 2nd and she’s already called to tell him she’s received it (but hasn’t opened it yet, as directed.) Christmas break runs from December 20th till January 5th, so the kids will have lots of free time. Dub was really excited about a school science project where their class built (and launched) a model rocket. He thought it was about the coolest thing ever. So “Santa” will be bringing him model rocket kits this year. Alex’ idea about doing Christmas at the Lake was a stroke of genius. The kids (and the grandparents and Jim and Carol) are really looking forward to it. Hope you guys have excellent Holiday plans that include friends and/or family. xoxo David and Ben

7 comments to Dude. See it. Smell it. Taste it!

  • ray

    Years ago, a friend told me about someone he knew who used to ask his friends to do him a little favor and “donate” their semen for him – he used to spread it on bread…
    I think every boy has tasted his ejaculation when he had the first ones, but I would not make a nutritional habit out of it.
    Your Christmas plans sound great!


  • bw

    I think every man, straight, gay or confused is interested in how other men cum – straight porn is all bout the cum shots. And most guys are not shooters – they are gushers , so a big shooter, like Danny D or Brent Everett is fascinating to watch.
    I probably should not tell this but what the hell – your body changes as you age and things don’t work like they used to, but yesterday I was busy and finally had a chance to sit down and have a beer and catch up on what was happening – since there was no college football to speak of, I ended up looking at some porn and whacking my willy – anyway, much to my surprise, my first shot disappeared somewhere over my right shoulder and I still haven’t found it. It felt great and made me happy that all the parts have not totally quit working.
    My departure date of Friday continues to draw closer and I am not ready – but I don’t stress about it anymore. Hope everyone else is making progress getting ready too.

    • Jingle

      bw, your story is hot; but you told it in such a drool way, I couldn’t help but have a good laugh!! 🙂

      Have you ever found the elusive spatter?!?! 🙂 haha

  • FredinMotul

    Quite a wonderful post Gents! Season’s Greetings to all! Our Guests from Oman arrived today, first of 5 others that we will have over the next two months and I am already exhausted. (Was it the clean up before, or the driving today to pick up everybody? My mind is a blank!) So it was indeed a great treat to find this lovely post to relax with after a “Tourist” day. Be Well All!

    • FredinMotul

      Oh CRAP! I am in serious trouble here now. My friends mentioned they would be bringing their son with them. 22 years old Chemical Engineer about to graduate from a major US University. Smart, good schooling and oh yeah, Drop Dead Gorgeous. Found him frollicing in the pool this morning in a swimsuit that was barely there. I last saw him when he was 6! OMG the years have been kind to him. I suppose I will count him as my very best Holiday Decoration. They are off to Mexico City Thursday and will return here for traditional Christmas Celebration in Motul next week. Hubby thinks he is great too. He reminds us both of our Turkish Nephews who also are easy on the eyes. Clearly this will be awesome to look at, but never, ever touch. We are devoted Monogamists, but looking is fine. And yes, it will be!! Holiday Problems!!

  • Jingle

    While I bemoan all the yummy jism that didn’t go in my mouth, and down my throat, there’s no denying that this is one HOT post!! Soo many beautiful hot men, and certainly something here for every taste!! (Pun intended!! 🙂 ) And Special Mention, and a big Thank You, to the great talented photographers for some awesome Stop Motion camera work!!

    Alrighty then, I guess we should form a Clean-Up Crew, and get busy tidying these dudes up!! 🙂 Who’s with me?!?!

    Hunk Stud #6’s hands-free cumshot is insanely hot!! WOW!!
    #10 and #43 are crazy hot!! And they put me in mind of bw’s wicked funny, wicked hot, story!!
    And as I looked at #10, I couldn’t help but wonder just what’s going on out of frame on the right?!?! Clearly, there’s something being done to his ass!!
    Bangin’ hot #13 is one busy bator!! We see him again in #15 and #40!!
    And in a side note to Lucky #13: I fucking well LOVE that amazing ceiling treatment!!!!!
    I’m intrigued by #20… Is that little black rectangle a tag on his undies, or is something being censored?!?!
    Did you notice the toy that rockin’ hot #29 has up his ass?!?!

    While the Crew gets to work cleaning up, I’ll look after my slam-dunk favourite, #16, myself!! (Was there any doubt about that?!?! 🙂 )

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll do what all these great dudes did!! 🙂

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