Dude. We’re headed to the Super Bowl and ain’t nothin’ but Super Smiles around here!

Jingle commented yesterday (in response to our “Gay Art” post) saying: “Forgive me if this sounds conceited, but I have long suspected that there’s at least one image in every post “planted” for my especial pleasure!! 😃 haha” He’s right, of course, and we’re betting he won’t have a problem picking out his special pic in this post!

Oh, what a wonderful day it was. The entire gang gathered at Keon and Rick’s house for the Chiefs-Titans playoff game, and, of course, “a good time was had by all”! There was a reasonable amount of nervousness when the Titans went up early, but Dub wore his new Chiefs cap and stayed confident throughout. We watched the game… then shot off a whole bunch of fireworks and the party continued well into the evening. Tra took hundreds (thousands?) of pics throughout the afternoon and evening and this morning (there’s no school today because of MLK day) we received a three minute photo collage he’d put together (with a bit of on-line help from PopPops) and it’s awesome. The pics of the activities and fireworks – and everyone smiling at games’ end are just amazing. It was definitely a day we’ll all always remember.

22 comments to Dude. We’re headed to the Super Bowl and ain’t nothin’ but Super Smiles around here!

  • Kent

    One of Dub’s career choices could be Futurist.

    • bw

      Maybe next year Dub should have his own website for NFL betting junkies – they are always desperate for anything to justify their bets. He could give away the “lock of the week” and give his own lines. Might make a fortune – and would be as legitimate as any of the other betting sites out there now.

      • unrulyadmin

        Just read this on-line: “Estimates of $6 billion worldwide in both legal and illegal bets will be placed on the Super Bowl according to the American Gaming Association.” That’s enough money to get anyone’s attention… except, of course “Dub.” As much as he liked “Jeopardy James Holzhauer”, he was very upset that he’s spending his life being a “Sports gambler.” I guess it’s an opportunity destined to be denied 🙂

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Kent. We hadn’t thought about Dub being a “Futurist”… but it just might work 🙂

  • Denny

    For Jingle’s “especial pleasure” in this post, I nominate – – -> #43 !!!

    • Jingle

      Damn Dearheart, #43 IS outstanding!! But I think FCCO Big Boy #34, with his meaty junk and Buffalo plaid shirt could be today’s “planted” image, too!!

      Chipper li’l dude #1 re-visits us in #48!! I LOVE it when you cum Full Circle!! 🙂

      AWESOME post, which I shall thoroughly enjoy when I have more time!!…

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Recap and Excellent Post! Thanks Happy Men!

  • bw

    I was going to pick the best smile, but it proved impossible – this post proves what I’ve always said is that nothing is more attractive on a man than a nice smile.

  • mahtinp

    I love the smile posts very much … almost always the sexiest of all of them … and I agree with BW.

    Go Chiefs

  • Jingle

    Such an engaging group of guys!! If you can’t find some-one here you like, you’re just too mean to live!!

    If I had a cock like crazy hot #5, (Great ears and nose, too!!), I’d be grinning, too!! 🙂 WOW!!
    And a titch older SO/PO #6 is crazy hot and damn fine, too!! But if I’m not mistaken, there’s nothing in the skillet!! 🙂 hahahaha
    Who’s gonna clean up #10?!?!
    #14 certainly enjoys being a slut!! 🙂
    Bangin’ hot #21, 26, 30, 36, 37, 40, 43, and 45 are REALLY gonna be smiling when their cocks are in my mouth!! 🙂
    Damn awesome #27’s modesty!!
    Oh, some-one needs to help out #32, so he can get rid of that nasty Fleshjack!! Shoosh!!
    Fantastic #35 is in the perfect position for me to kneel between his open thighs and worship his gorgeous cock!! 🙂
    Aww… #41 is adorable!! 🙂

    Great post!! Certainly put a smile on my face!! 🙂

  • ray

    And these smiling guys make for a wonderful start in the morning! Thanks, guys!

  • Bill S

    It has taken me awhile but I still can’t decide between “real guys” #8 & #28.

    So, I’d like to invite them both for a FUN time! The idea makes ME smile!!! (-:

    Last year to me was not a Super Bowl, but a Super Bore!


    Thanks to URD I have a TEAM in THE GAME! “How ’bout those Chiefs!!!”


  • Larry

    Can the appendage on # 16 be real?

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