Dude. What’s the story with these Cocksuckers?

Back on August 30th, our buddy “Bill S” commented, saying:
“I have just come up with an idea for a post!
“What’s the Story with these Cocksuckers?” Maybe you could just save to my birthday file, pics of guys sucking cock in unusual places or unexplainable circumstances, and so on. And then post all 48 on my birthday! Just a thought! (-: ”
David and I started collecting pics… and this afternoon I noticed there were 184 photos in the folder. It’s like this. Bill’s birthday isn’t until June 13th, and – for all we know – Trump may have blown up the World by then… and it’d be a shame if we hadn’t done this post. So, here you go, babe. It’s a bit early for your birthday, but what-the-Hell – it’s fun to look at these dudes sucking cocks whenever and wherever the mood strikes 🙂

31 comments to Dude. What’s the story with these Cocksuckers?

  • Jingle

    Given that I freely and openly admit that I’m a zealous cocksucker; ready, willing, eager, and able to suck pretty much any dick presented to me; it should cum as no surprise that I LOVE this post!! 😄 😝

    • Brad

      I can see you enjoying the cocks in many of these photos, Jingle… 😉 The one that really made me chuckle and think of you was #19. Your comment pretty much describes drive-thru cocksucking…haha 😉 (Not that I wouldn’t enjoy sucking guys off as they drove up, either… 😉 )

      Love the suggestion, Bill S, and the photos, David and Ben! Thanks… 🙂

      • Jingle

        Drive-thru cocksucking?!?! What a GREAT idea!! 😃

        Ya know, there’s a great opportunity there for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit!! 😄 :-$ 😝

        And I’d certainly want the customer in #19 to be a frequent guest!!

  • ray

    This post leads me to so much funny speculations…awesome!

  • Bill S

    So far, this post just makes me happy! (-:

    Enjoy it everybody!!! Thanks Ben!


  • FredinMotul

    Oh to be that fly on the wall, so to speak. These are some very hot shots! Thanks Guys! Definitely something to ponder about.

  • Larry

    In grade school being called a cocksucker is an insult, but when we are older, as Jingle points out, it is a badge of honor. Cocksucking can be an art and a much sought after skill. Give me an uncut cock with lots of foreskin and I am in heaven.

  • bw

    I just think cocksucking is the best thing two (or more) men can do together. I wish I did not live in the boonies so I could go find some dick to suck. Maybe I’ll go visit URD headquarters and starting with our leader David just blow all the lads – I understand Keon and Alex might be a challenge but I’m willing to give it a try.
    I recognize a lot of these horny dudes from porn but quite a few seem to be amateurs having fun. Excellent collection!

  • Bill S

    So far this post is a hit! I’m waiting for Denny though! Too busy at work? I remember how THAT was! “They” just make us earn each vacation, both prior to, and after. Don’t they?! ‘Work’ is a four-letter word! (-;

    My favorite picture is “Suck-unusual-032.jpg”

    … and, I had to get something from the loading dock when…

    C’mon Denny! Please finish this story… (-:

    It’s sure to be GREAT!


    • Denny

      Hey Bill – how I would LOVE to finish your story!! The truth is, I shouldn’t even BE here.

      The week after we returned from Ptown, yeah, work was rough, but I had to make time for my annual physical with my primary care physician. All went well, except my PSA test – the number was beyond the “Normal” range for the first time EVER.
      Out of an abundance of caution, my doc referred me to a urologist. I saw him yesterday. He said he didn’t feel anything abnormal, but he wanted me to go have another PSA test in one week. During that week, he said, “refrain from doing anything that might bring on an erection.” Wait! What??? Yeah, I heard him right. So-o-o, —

      —Wish me LUCK. LOTS of luck. But until my blood test next Friday morning, I gotta do what it says in the heading of every URD post. I need to avoid “Nasty photos you probably shouldn’t be lookin’ at…” 🙂 Lord help me!!

      • ray

        Denny dear, I hope everything will sort out fine!


      • bw

        Denny my PSA is in the grey area, but I’m almost 64. But he should have ordered a new PSA and a “free” PSA – the results taken together are pretty conclusive – if he didn’t, insist on it. And if he wants to do a biopsy, ask about an MRI instead. Plus everything I read says the no ejaculation rule is nonsense – just don’t ride a bike for 100 miles the day before.

      • unrulyadmin

        NO. NO. NO. A THOUSAND TIMES NO! This cannot be. Not our Denny.
        N O !
        Seriously, babe. Be well… and get that blood test… and remember we love you… and we’re sending EVERY GOOD WISH for a happy outcum.
        xoxo David and Ben

      • Brad

        Thinking of and wishing you all best the during the upcoming week and for a normal PSA result, Denny… 🙂

  • Alexander


    Best of outcomes to you. Often when navigating health issues, stress is the worst part.
    It’s good you are checking this.

    This is from the Mayo Clinic health newsletter…

    Misleading results. The test doesn’t always provide an accurate result. An elevated PSA level doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. And many men diagnosed with prostate cancer have a normal PSA level.


  • Jingle

    I cam here this early morning to read the comments, drool over the awesome pics, and leave some commentary of my own…

    Denny’s news threw me off that notion!!

    Dearheart, know that I’m thinking good and positive thoughts for you!! And please take Alexander’s insightful message to heart and mind!!

    I’m quite sure that the CCC, and all of the URD family are thinking and praying for you!! 🙂

    Love you!! John

  • Bill S

    Denny, I knew something was up, and the idea that you were too busy was just wishful thinking. So now I will turn my thoughts to “things will turn out fine for our Denny!”

    You hear me Denny? You WILL be fine! (-:


  • Denny

    To all my URD friends, including our hosts, David and Ben –

    Thank you ALL for your warm wishes, your good and positive thoughts, your moral support and your love!

    bw, thank you for your personal perspective on this. The purpose of my blood test next Friday (only 5 days now!) is to run those two PSA tests you mentioned, to get results geared specifically for me. I’m not a big fan of this “no ejaculation” thing, but if there is a shred of truth in it, I gotta go with what my urologist asks – if I can!! 🙂

    Alexander, thank you for the Mayo Clinic excerpt – I have heard that very thing myself. My time of greatest stress was in the waiting room beforehand. The urologist inspired calm, however, when, after considerable “rummaging around back there”, he announced that he didn’t feel anything to worry about. Relaying all this to my man Dave, while he was holding me in a big bear hug, dispelled the rest of any lingering stress.

    And Bill S – I am going with YOUR diagnosis, because I DO hear you!! I WILL be fine!!!

    Love you ALL !!

    Denny XOXOXO

    • Tim from MO

      I’m sorry to hear of this health concern you are going through!
      Just know that my thoughts, and prayers are joined with the other guys on this post who have you on their hearts and minds.

      I come from a family lineage of men affected by prostate cancer; my grandfather on my dad’s side, my dad, and ALL four of my dads brothers (my uncles).
      So: with such a strong family history of this, I started getting annual PSA blood tests at age 40. My numbers were on the very low end of normal until about 4 years ago, when they started a tiny, incremental uptick, but still within normal.
      2018 annual showed a full 2 point increase to 2.4, (but still below 4, the high end of normal)..
      Even though it was below 4, my Dr wanted follow up testing since it jumped the 2 full points in just a year..
      Per the Dr’s instructions, for one month prior to the next test, I drank a lot of water, avoided black pepper, and spicy foods…and laid off ejaculations. ☹️
      The next result wasn’t much different, but the next test one a month later it went down .5 point.
      Dr was satisfied with that and, no more follow up testing was done.
      I just completed my 2019 annual, and my PSA level was back DOWN to 1.4 which was a relief.

      It just stinks to high heaven that our prostate, and testicles…the pleasure glands…can be impacted in such a negative way as we age.

      I’m believing good results for you on your follow up testing.

      Love you Denny!

      • Bill S

        Thank you Tim!

        I have to go in for my annual physical on October 15 — Yes, soon! I’m NOT worried because, it’s a very special day for Chance. And he is the only one that I will be thinking about while my MD sticks his finger you know where! And my MD will think that I’m smiling because I LIKE having his finger up there! (He’ll be SO wrong!)

        Happy thoughts emanate for Denny and all my friends everywhere! Love to you all.


      • Denny

        Hey Tim!

        Thank you, Man, for responding in such great detail to this issue that is weighing so much on my mind this week. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I only have to lay off ejaculations for a week before my next PSA test. I don’t know how you did it for a month. It’s good for me to know that PSA results can go ‘WAY back down as easily as they can rise above the “Normal” range. – And I am glad that your test results this year went down so low.

        Thank you for your good thoughts for me for good test results this coming Friday. I hope they can get the results to me FAST! I can’t even attend to my tumblr blog until after this blood test because – well, YOU know why> 🙂

        Love you, Man! XOXOXO

  • Bill S

    Dear Heart Denny! Thank You!!! I am simply sending a M A N T R A your way —–




    repeat repeat repeat repeat
    ET CETERA, AD INFINITUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TO my friends in KC Northland, all I can say is note the time PDT:


    XOXO ON NBC! (-:

  • bw

    Denny, the worst thing for me was the stress of waitng for results and assuming the worst. I have an enlarged prostate like most men my age, and there are some symptoms that go with that, including an elevated PSA. But this last time I finally said to myself “screw it” – I am not going to worry about this anymore – it is what it is. My doctor and I have agreed to disagree – he wants me to go to a urologist and probably have a biopsy, and I refuse. So our compromise was a re-test in 3 months, and if there is no significant change he will prescribe one of the new drugs that shrink the prostate. These drugs ‘mask’ PSA issues, thus his reluctance to prescribe without a retest (your PSA will drop 2+ points on average within weeks of starting the drug). So I have taken charge of my crappy old prostate and it sounds like you and Dave are doing the same.
    Isn’t the no ejaculation or no sex rule gaming the system? That would be like me eating only boiled chicken and brown rice for a month before my annual physical and showing great improvement in my cholesterol. Shouldn’t you do what you normally do?

    • unrulyadmin

      Good points, Bill. I think consulting with a doctor – then making decisions about your own body is excellent advice. Our good friend (and the kids’ Spanish instructor) Mr. Martinez told me he’d been troubled with getting up in the night several times to urinate and other symptoms of a swollen prostrate.” He went to see a urologist who prescribed “finasteride”. Before taking it, he went on-line and found the drug has some pretty awful side-effects – including impotence, loss of interest in sex, trouble having an orgasm, abnormal ejaculation and a bunch of others. He said he decided to take the finasteride back to his pharmacy to be destroyed… then increased the amount of Saw Palmetto he takes. Doctors do wonderful things, but I think the best advice is to use your brain to decide what’s best for you. xoxo David

      • bw

        Finasteride is the newest drug and probably most effective, but some men do have significant side effects, and according to my consultant (my cousin the pharmacist) almost all men have at least some side effects, but the positives normally outweigh the negatives. I wish Mr. Martinez had tried it before he threw it away – now he doesn’t know if he could tolerate it. Oddly the best choice might be a very low daily dose of Cialis but no insurer will pay for it – it’s a “lifestyle” drug and even if I get it from Canada it’s still expensive.
        I recently read an article about the pine bark extract Alexander mentioned, and the results were pretty impressive – especially now that most controlled studies suggest Saw Palmetto is a waste of money. I’m going to do some more research and maybe try to find some of this stuff. Thanks for reminding me Alexander!

  • Denny

    bw, your question draws a most interesting parallel! I don’t know the answer to that!

    I was so dumbfounded when he ordered the no sex thing, I guess I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

    I am very new to this prostate stuff. At this point, I just wanna get this week overwith, get my test results, and take it from there.

    This urologist is part of the same medical group as my primary care doctor. They are part of the same “MyChartSupport” an online plan which can get anything to me by email, whether it’s confirmation of an appt. or test results. Hopefully, I will know my new PSA number by early next week and I can take it from there.

    Thank you for caring and worrying about me, bw!! I love you for that!

  • Alexander


    I’m still expecting best outcome for you.

    No matter what the outcome of your test, it sounds like your Primary and Urologist
    have already enrolled you as a passenger on the Finasteride train.

    I hope you will take a page from Mr. Martinez’ book. Just say no to big pharma.
    In Europe where BPH is much lower than the states, men take standardized extract of
    French Maritime Pine Bark.

    Here is a link from the US National Institute of Health, PUBMED library from 2002.


    The conclusion states…”There is much evidence showing that PYC has beneficial effects on physiological functions”

    This was in 2002. Why does it seem like a secret in 2019?

    Friday cannot come soon enough. Good thoughts and prayers heading your way!!!
    Excuse me now while I go and refold my tinfoil hat.


  • Roberto

    Delightful action all around. The dudes in #26 reminded me that one thing leads to another (hopefully you won’t mind this spoiler on their story, Bill 😉 ): https://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Beto-045.jpg

    Sending you my best vibes, Denny – you’ll be fine! 🙂


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