Dudes… Commando!

Dub and Ben are on Christmas break now until January 5th. We plan to head to the Lake Tuesday morning.
Dub “skyped” with his Mom this morning and, since it would be their last visit before Christmas, they opened their gifts together on-line. He saves all his “Skypes” with Angie and afterward he showed today’s to Ben and me. This year, Angie gave him three hand-made African beaded leather bracelets. One for strength, one for health and one for valor. Dub was absolutely thrilled. He has all three on his right wrist and we seriously doubt he’ll ever take them off. Actually, they are really cool!
It seems like Christmas is coming really fast year. We hope you guys have your plans made and that this will be your best Holiday ever! xoxo David and Ben

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  • FredinMotul

    Lovely surprise as I snuck a quick look before heading to bed after a long day of cleaning and Palm Tree trimming. Not decorations, time to remove excess fronds so we can see the sun again. Awesome post! Nothing quite like the thrill of seeing hot young men going Commando! Reminds me of my youth! All good here. Ready as we will ever be for our next batch of guests. Thanks again men and may you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

  • ray

    I only hope that summer will come seemingly as fast as Christmas…it will be more suited to go commando!
    With three bracelets, what can go wrong?
    I wish all of our Greater and Smaller URD Family a merry Christmas! Special wishes for a peaceful time for Jingle!

    Love and hugs

  • Jingle

    Commando is certainly my preferred way to go!! 🙂

    Oh, you know I damn well loves me some fuzzy furry hunky humpy #3 and #22!! 🙂
    #11, #16, #39, #42, and #45 are all show-stoppers!! WHOA!!!!!
    Insanely hot #14 (Great ears!!) tricked us!!… If you look closely, you’ll see the waistband of undies!! That bastard!! 🙂 haha
    Aww… #19 is just a cutie!! 🙂
    Brother Beto will surely enjoy hot selfie #20’s Pit and Treasure Trail!!
    Selfie #24 actually scared the hell outta me!! If he takes too many backwards steps, he’s gonna fall backwards down the stairs!! Yikes!!
    #26 and #36 are two fine examples of Australian photographer Paul Freeman’s work!! (Have you given any thought to my request for a post of his awesome photo-art?!?!)
    #29, as well as his neighbour #30, are crazy hot!!
    Rough Trade #31 will quickly be out of his saggy baggy jeans for the blowjob he stopped by for!! 😉 His jewelry is soo diminutive, I’ll forgive you if didn’t notice his left nipple is pierced!! 🙂 haha
    Liebster ray, is your comment about “three bracelets” intended for rockin’ hot #37?!?!
    Junior Hunk Stud #38’s physique is insane!! #44 is no slouch, either!!
    I’m soo intrigued by #48… Is he a Little Person?!?! In any event; he’s scruffy hot, and to use a very quaint, old-fashioned expression, cute as a button!! And I really dig his pooky gumdrop nipples!!

    But at the end of the day, it’s my aforementioned #3 and #22 that I want!! A quick tug on their jeans, as I drop to my knees, will free their cockc for my arrentions!! 😉 🙂

    Fun, sexy, hot post!!

    p.s. I want to offer a HUGE apology for not acknowledging the superb “Ginger Boys and Ginger Hunks” post!! It’s outstanding!! And I really do appreciate the time, thought, work, and effort that went into compiling it!! BRAVO!! Buff, surely you put it in your “Best of the Best” folder?!?!

  • Jingle

    Oh holy hell, I sure as hell didn’t mean to say, “cockc for my arrentions”!!… cocks for my attentions is more like it!! Shoosh!! Doh!!

  • Denny

    I don’t know why it is, but Christmas is coming much too fast this year!

    Dub, the indisputable leader of the “single digit age group” within The Gang, will be solidifying that role with his very meaningful bracelets. EV’rybody is gonna want one!! Or two! Or three! Very clever gift on Angie’s part! I love that Dub is maintaining such a loving relationship with his Mom.

    Wishing The Gang and all my friends in the URD Gang – a VERY Merry Christmas full of good times, peace and love!!


  • Bill S

    Please #8 won’t you be flexing under my tree this year? I’d like to free your hot, hard rod from your jeans and give you some peace on Earth! It would give me great JOY!!!

    A very Merry Christmas everybody!!!


  • Larry

    Going commando must be a youth thing as there are lots of twinks in this post starting with ginger # 1.

    As the Handivan doesn’t run on holidays I am going out for Christmas dinner today. A Merry Christmas to all URD fans,

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