Good boys!

Their Mommas told ’em: “Good boys don’t touch themselves ‘down there’.”
These are good boys!

Here’s wishing all our URD friends a safe, healthy, happy Easter. We love you! Ben and David

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  • ray

    Happy Easter everyone! Thanks for the “bunnies”, Bunny #21 has won my heart because of his smile.
    Stay well and safe!

  • ray

    Danke, liebster Jingle! Dir auch!

  • Jingle

    Sooo… these fine good boys aren’t allowed to touch themselves?!?! Trust me, I’ll do plenty – and I do mean PLENTY – of touching for them!!

    May I add another tag to this outstanding Easter collection?!?! “Cute Ears”!! 🙂 haha A lot of them to be seen here!!

    #2’s intricate Green Man tattoo is phenomenal!! And his long, thin, big-knobbed dick would be a perfect Prostate Probe!!
    Can’t you just hear cutie-patootie #3 saying, “You!! Yea, you!!”?!?!
    Awesome #4’s cock and balls are PERFECTION!! He could be a dildo model!! WOW!!
    #8 is B-E-Y-L!!
    Oh dear, I just wanna feed emaciated skinny puppies #9 and #23 some good, nutritious, home-cooked meals!! #22 and #25 could stand a few hot lunches, too!! Although I must say, when a lean dude has a big dick, it just stands out all the more!! 🙂 heehee (Oh, I am quite fond of #9’s lovely round balls!!)
    #10 IS a Ten!! WHOA!!!!!
    Bald & Beautiful #11 and #40, and Buzzed #35 and #36, are all crazy hot!!
    I really wanna believe that “Doris” is bangin’ hot #13’s Momma!! 🙂 haha
    Lots of TJM: #15, 19, 20, 26, 34, and 44!! Right on!!
    Hunk Studs #16 and #24 are real show-stoppers, too!! YOWZA!!!!
    #17’s physique is insane!! Love his badass Divine Comedy tattoo!!
    Doesn’t #27 bear a striking resemblance to Lenny Kravitz?!?!
    Holy Cats!! Are you trying to kill us all with the run of #30-31-32!! Totally adorable, amazing fit physiques, and killer junk!! WHEW!!!
    But there is something troubling about #31… Those stairs are a deathtrap!! Yipes!! The risers are waaay too high, the treads are waay too shallow, and no banister?!?! Yikes!! No fuckin’ way they’d meet code in the US!!
    Totally off topic on #39: That pair of chairs is wonderful!! 🙂 On the other hand, the curtains are hot mess!! 🙁
    Wonderful flexing #41 looked instantly familiar!! Then it hit me!!… He’s #4 in the delightful “Smiles” post of April 6th!! 🙂
    Aww… #42, and his downstairs neighbour #46, are just too cute for their own good!!
    #43 is fantastic!! Not bad now, but he’ll get better as he matures!!…
    Nasty crazy scary hot #47 is a return visitor!! Nice to see him again!!
    And the Award for Best Low-Hangers goes to our finisher, #48!! 🙂

    Now then, pick between bangin’ hot, fuzzy furry hunky humpy #18 and #38?!?! No effen way!! They’re both going in my Easter Basket!! 😉

    Superb!! Thanks so much!!


  • Denny

    Yes – these are VERY good boys…but don’tcha just love it when good boys go bad? Like, r-e-a-l bad???!

    #18 & #22 please!!

    HAPPY Easter to All!

    • Jingle

      Dearheart, #18 and #22 are quite dissimilar!!… Are you sure they’d play well together?!?!

      Besides, call me greedy, greedy, greedy; but I ain’t sharing #18!! 😈

      • Denny

        Sorry ’bout that, Babydoll – we were typing at the same time…

        I think I can get by with #22, AND #4, AND #15!! 🙂


        • Roberto

          Guys, in Ray’s birthday post of last year we identified #18 as Drake Masters (different pic of him there, #41). You can also find his Twitter account in my last comment there. Speaking of similarity, he reminds me of Alessandro del Toro, another porn guy I think you two would enjoy. 😉

          Denny, you picked my two favorites, #15 and #22. 😀 But Ray’s #21’s “brother”, #28, looks bloody freaking hot too. 🙂 And I wish skinny #9 had his full bush on…

          Thanks for all these marvelously aroused Easter bunnies, Ben. Is another breeding season coming on URD? 😉

          And let me wish you a Happy Birthday, Craig, aka Flip Flops Boy! Hope you are well and having a special fun with one closest ones. Best wishes for Helath, Love, Joy, Succcess and tons of flip flop fun. 😀

          Hugs and be safe you all,

          • Denny

            Beto, please enjoy yourself to the max with both #15 AND #22! They both look like they have plenty of manliness to spread around!

            Beto you are wonderful to remember Flip flops’ birthday! To this day I miss his blog. Happy Birthday, Craig!


          • Jingle

            Brother Beto, taking your suggestion, I Googled Alessandro del Toro!!… And I can see why you dig him!! 😝 And the Skull and Roses tattoo is right up your alley!!

          • Roberto

            So kind of you to share them, Denny. 🙂 In any case, there sure are bunnies for all of us here. 🙂

            Nobody mentioned ginger real guy #6, but I really dig him. Mostly smooth, but those furry pits and pubes provide the contrast I need. As I’ve always said, natural is the key word for my taste.

            Ah, #13 should just relax and leave the tongue work to me. 😛

            I knew you wouldn’t miss Alessandro’s ink, Jingle. 😉


          • Roberto

            And bunny #40 is just awesome. 🙂

        • Roberto

          WHOA, and there’s #19 – I could happily go with him as well. 🙂

  • bw

    We had a small rebellion here – my friends and their two pups have been dutifully hiding at home, as well as my other friends further north and their two dogs – so we said “screw it” and met at the cabin yesterday and made a fine Easter feast, and drank many beers and way too many bottles of wine – it was therapeutic for all of us, and the pups enjoyed seeing each other and getting to run free.
    Happy Easter everyone!

    • Denny

      bw!- bless your little pea pickin’ heart! Sounds like you and your good friends have been self quarantining and none of you live in any Covid-19 epicenter. Love hearing about your therapeutic adventure! Be Well and thanks for sharing, Dude!


  • FredinMotul

    Good post, but I think that # 30, Max Emerson, is a fake. The exact same picture has a towel there on the web. It is very flattering, but I think not real.

    Trust Everybody had a great Easter. We sure did, all alone together, wandering around, watering plants, swimming in the pool, all alone and wearing as little as possible. It was grand! Stay Safe everybody!

    • bw

      You are correct Fred – I’ve seen what I think is a legitimate picture of sweet faced Max with his junk out – and we’ve seen enough photos of him in undies and Speedos to know he’s pretty well endowed. But this picture has been photo-shopped. I check in on him and his equally pretty boyfriend on YouTube from time to time – they are quite a couple.

      • FredinMotul

        Golly, as a couple, Andres´and Max are pretty heavenly. I don’t think Max would allow any real nudes out and endanger his many legitimate YOUTUBE deals and marketing.

        Every Body Stay Well!!

  • Happy Easter URD fam!

    One thing I missed most about Quarantine Easter was seeing all the guys in their pastels at church. Maybe you guys could do a “pastels” post to add to your color series.

  • Larry

    All my picks have a 3 in them except the last two. Plenty here to keep the old man busy,

    3, 23, 31, 33, 37, and 39 and then 45 and 46.. Favorite? Too close to call.I may have to sample each one to make a selection.

  • Tim from MO

    I got a chuckle from the caption saying, ‘Their Mommas told ’em: “Good boys don’t touch themselves ‘down there’.”

    As a young pre-pubescent boy, whenever I’d get a woody, I’d have to reach down and ‘rearrange’ things so it would point up in what was a more comfortable position in my snug tidy-whites, and jeans.

    Those woody’s became more frequent as I aged, and apparently the adjustments I was making started to annoy my momma. I distinctly recall her calling me out on it one day, telling me I needed to stop doing that, and that ‘it’ needed to ‘stay pointed down.’ HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Loved the post. Great set of Unrulydude’s proudly showing off their erect cocks. 😍

  • Kent

    It’s HARD to be a ‘good boy’!

  • Bill S

    Thanks Beto! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT!!!


  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Kent!! 🙂

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Kent!

    I went back and checked out your birthday posts from 2019 AND 2018 – there is a lot of hot stuff to enjoy all over again this year!

    Thank you, Beto!

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