…I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends. If you look down below, you’ll see plenty of skins…

…With an apology to Dr. Seuss…

We hadn’t really planned on doing “foreskins”, but after our last post (hard, cut dicks) “Jingle” commented, saying: “p.s. I’ll bet my left nut the next post is UNcut dudes!! 🙂 haha”
Then, “Larry” said, “Cut cocks are nice, but uncuts are better for me. More to play with.”
So… here you go, guys. Equal time and all that…..

4 comments to …I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends. If you look down below, you’ll see plenty of skins…

  • Jingle

    EXCELLENT!!!!! 😃

    How awesome!! Can’t wait to get home from work this afternoon and really get into this!!…

  • bw

    I’ve seen NO 1 a few times before – but not only is he a fine looking lad, that dick is just awesome – I don’t know if he can get his hand around it.
    I think I’m older than most of you, but uncut dicks were scarce in my generation – I think I was 14 before I saw my first uncut white kid.

  • Larry


    The first man I ever had sex with was uncut and I never got over it.

  • JiEL

    Very outstanding and delicious post of all those natural uncut, foreskin dicks.

    As you like natural hairy men, you should post more uncut men here.

    I’m 67yo, uncut and I love more a man that is uncut.
    As BW mentioned, many cut penises have such ugly scarces that make them unappealing to me.

    Many say that a cut penis is more hygienic but that is false to me because I as many take care of their penis to be clean and in health.
    A foreskin add to the excitement and pleasure to sex encounters.

    I love my foreskin and it gives me such nice sensations that no cut men can experience.
    That is so sad that their parents or religious beliefs had massacred their penises withour their consent.
    There may be some medical needs to be cut but that should be THE exception and with a full consent from the man.

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