It’s a “Friends Friday” look at ginger boys in their undies!

Hey, guys, it’s Keon. When Rick and I first met, he was a skinny little ginger boy, but since we’ve been together, he’s been seriously dedicated to working out. Now he’s a total ginger HUNK, and everywhere we go, I notice guys (and girls) checkin’ him out. He’s also gotten really particular about his underwear. Briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, you name it… he’s got ’em all. He may not be as obsessive as Alex about undies, but he’s a close second. It’s o.k. with me because I really like looking at him in them. Anyway, that got me thinking about ginger guys in undies and I thought maybe that’d make a good UnrulyDude post. Lot of hot guys here, but NONE hotter than my hubby!

Sunday evening, we asked Tra what he wanted for Christmas. He said “I don’t know.” I said “Sure you do. There must be something you’d really like.” He said “It’d prolly cost too much.” I said “What is it?” He just stood there thinking for a while and then blurted out “What I really want is a Mini-drone with a camera.” That took Rick and me totally by surprise… but we told him he’d need to put it in a letter to Santa… so he did. After we read for a while and he went to sleep, Rick said “What do you think about a drone?” I said “He’s probably too young for a drone – but maybe it’s something we could do together. It’d be fun learning about it and how it works.” So, you guessed it. Travon is getting his mini drone (with camera) for Christmas. We figure Tra should have what he wants because before we became a family we don’t think he got much of anything from Santa.

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  • Jingle

    Wonderful post!! Sweet, tasty Gingerbread Men; something for every appetite; with only one thin layer between us and Paradise!!

    For me, you saved the very best for last!! You may recognize my Dream Man, and favourite porn pup, Derek Parker!! 🙂


    p.s. The previous post was damn fine, too!!

  • FredinMotul

    Isn’t this wonderful? I mean, it is not a real “Break the Bank” gift. It is something Travon has thought about, and it will be fun for all of you! I was always happy when I knew I had gotten our son something he really wanted, not needed or something I wanted that I could justify by giving to him.

    Great post too! Everybody wins! Be well gang.

  • Kent

    What a collection of Ginger Hardbody Hotties! There’s someone here for everyone.

    Christmas is for kids, and I’m so happy for Travon that he’s in a loving family and can really enjoy the holiday season.

  • Bill S

    The “sexiest award” is a tie between #4 & #11 — Love how #4 is showing off his pubes! And #11 just can’t help being hot!!!

    And now I have a sexy image of Rick in my mind! Thanks Keon! I still had the image of the kid David and Ben had first met at the garden shop! A Ginger Hunk is a whole new category, so thanks for this unique post! (-:


  • bw

    Bill – I had the same reaction – I wonder what sweet Rick looks like now. My second thought – don’t get too big.
    Travon gets what he wants every day – the love of his two dads and being part of a family. But I predict he will be ecstatic at the gift. It is still heart breaking to imagine what this little dude went through before he won the family lottery.

  • Denny

    Keon – what a GREAT idea for a post!!

    Like my buddies Bill S & bw here, my mental image of Rick will be updated, from the lad in the garden shop to a broad shouldered ginger hunk with the bubble butt and washboard abs that all the guys at the gym – gay or straight – constantly stare at with envy. Maybe like #11 here. YA BABY!!!

    All these guys are hot. I like #1 – a real bad ass looking for some good fun.

    My Dude of the Day is #45. You KNOW what’s on HIS mind!! Maybe he needs an introduction to #1 !!

    Keon, I vote a resounding YES for the mini drone for Tra for Christmas! He deserves it, for the very reason you stated.

    Maybe enclose in the package a little note from Santa suggesting he should have a grown up around when he uses it. Be creative about what the note is written on – not that note pad that lives on the kitchen counter every day. lol

    Thanks for the post, Keon !!!

  • This is a GORGEOUS post, with 6,7 & 9 drawing my attention …

    But I have a story about #23 who has been on tumblr forever. I never could figure out why he looked so familiar, until I realized my sister taught him in high school and used to talk about how he was one of her favorite students … and speaking of star students,

    Travon’s Christmas present sounds like an awesome family experience, learning for all of you.

  • bw

    Keon – since you got us all hot and bothered with these ginger boys, I think a follow-up post of gingers naked as the day they were born is sorely needed. Please???

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