It’s Dirk Caber welcoming Denny back from Provincetown!

A couple of weeks ago, we received an e-mail from Beto saying (in part):
“There’ve been two seasons, so to speak, of the favorite porn-pup series, but so far no post on Denny’s favorites.” He quoted Denny from a comment on Aug 08, 2019 in which he said “One name I CAN remember is Dirk Caber. He is no spring chicken as he is in his mid 40’s but he is handsome with a hot body.”
Beto closed by saying: “I’m sure (Denny) is happy for his mates’ choices, but I think he’ll be delighted to finally see a post on either Dirk Caber or Peto Coast. Both are big names in the gay porn scene, so finding pics shouldn’t be a problem for you. So that’s my suggestion, and, in case you do this for when he’s back from Provincetown, it’d be a hell of a “welcome home, Denny”. ;)”
Among the things we love about Beto is he’s a guy who genuinely cares about URD and our followers – and he never forgets anything.
So, I went to my “porn pups” folder and, sure enough, there were 92 pics in our “Dirk Caber” sub-folder. It’s MY BAD that they never got made into a post. I honestly don’t know why. So in the spirit of welcoming Denny back, here are 48 of our fav Dick Caber photos. We think he’s one of the hottest guys to ever make gay porn and these pics show why. The pics in the center (#023 through #034) are from our favorite Dirk Caber video “Dirk Caber fucks Dakota Payne.” Here’s a link in case you’d like to watch the full 35 minute video:
So… thank you, Beto for jogging my memory – and thank you Denny for the post suggestion. You guys are AWESOME! xoxo David

22 comments to It’s Dirk Caber welcoming Denny back from Provincetown!

  • ray

    Denny dear, welcome back from what I hope was a wonderful holiday! I can see why Dirk Caber is a favorite of yours!


  • Jingle

    Hello Daddy!! WOW!!

  • bw

    No 48 I think is the one that tells you all you need to know – handsome, in shape and a beautiful friendly smile that from what I read is not fake – other models love to work with him. Excellent post!

    • Jingle

      Dear bw; I totally understand what you mean about #48!! And totally agree!!

      But if you had no prior exposure to Dirk; wouldn’t quaint, charming, coy, teaser pic #14 be delightful?!?! 🙂

  • Bobby b

    I wanna be in the Colt💋Stable

  • Denny

    Oh my soul!! You GUYS!! T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U Beto and T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U David and Ben!!

    Never have I ever seen so many pics of my FAVORITE pornstar all in one place!!

    I will be lapping them up, one by one, believe me!!

    We always hate to leave Ptown – where else can you walk down the main street of town and be surrounded by so many hot, bare chested stallions strutting their stuff like it was just the most normal thing to do !!!

    It makes it a bit easier to leave in September, when we remember we will be returning for Thanksgiving, when the town turns into a Christmas wonderland.

    We chose this time to have our kitchen at home totally gutted and renewed with new cupboards, appliances, paint, lighting, new tile floors and backsplash. They aren’t anywhere near finished yet, so here we are, tired after a long day, and a room with four blank walls, and the fridge in the middle of the dining room!! This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime operation, I tell ya!!

    I will be back again and again to admire these luscious pics of this hot man!!

    You guys are the BEST – THANK YOU again!!!

    Love & Hugs,


    • Jingle

      Dearheart!! So glad you’re back from vacation in fine form!! 🙂

      Exciting news about the total Kitchen Renovation!!… With one friendly caveat: Kitchens can often go over schedule, and over budget!! I wish the best for you!! And lots of hunky tradesmen!! 🙂 haha

      • Denny

        You’re right about going over budget, Babydoll!!

        The tradesmen are all local fireman, licensed in their particular trade. They work 3 days “on” in the firehouse and then the other 4 days in their trade.

        Hunky? You got THAT right!! 🙂


        • Bill S

          Dear Denny, I’ve been waiting for your return. I hope your whole kitchen project comes together quickly! At least you may get some eye-candy to enjoy during the process (unless you are working at the same time as the kitchen workers!)
          And I’m envious of your vacation plans, P-T must be really cool. I loved the area when I was a kid, Cape Cod was fabulous in the summer!

          Welcome home and don’t work too hard! XOXO

    • Roberto

      Denny, I’m glad you enjoyed Dirk’s post as much as I thought you would. 🙂 And my suggestion was actually just a reminder, as David & Ben had the selection ready to go long ago. 😉

      The short hair, beard, all-natural (fuzzy) body – all looking great in my book too. I’d say Dirk looks especially (and deliciously) naughty in #37, and views of the full package like #41 and #47 are awesome. I don’t know how much he’s “worked out” that butt in his scenes, but it certainly deserves some good and hard sweating sessions. 😀 Speaking of that, the scene with Dakota looks amazing.

      Love the swimming pool shots (#43-45): relaxed, but not completely. 😉

      Thanks for another great collection in this series, guys!

      • Denny


        I am finding time every day to drool over the pics in this sizzling hot post!

        And let me thank you again for your kindness, caring and concern for everything URD. You have a phenomenal memory and we all benefit from it!

        XOXOXO ❤ 👍 💥

  • FredinMotul

    Awesome Welcome Back Post for Denny! Dirk Caber is an all time favorite!! Thanks Men!!

  • Jingle

    Wonderful post!! Damn, Dirk is one fine example of masculine beauty!! 🙂

    In pics #11 through #22, he’s posed with an awesome vintage, two-tone, Ford F150 pick-up!!… I know I’ve seen it before!! It must actually be property of Colt Studios?!?!

    Thanks for this fine collection!! 🙂

    And now, letting my curiosity get the better of me, I’m gonna Google Peto Coast!!…

    • Bill S

      I just did that Jingle! And I found an almost endless list of videos he’s done… But the first thing my search revealed was Peto Coast tests positive for HIV and that made me sad!
      But lots of those videos are hot.


      • bw

        Don’t be sad Bill about Peto – lost in all the hoo-ha about Covid, Afghanistan, tax increases, etc. was the result of a large study – the average life span of a man with HIV who takes his medicine faithfully is exactly the same as that of someone without it – in other words, something else will kill you, not HIV. And his virus levels will be the same as you and me – undetectable.

  • Denny

    David and Ben, I just heard the exciting news on David Muir’s National Evening News!

    By the end of this week, they expect that the Pfizer vax should be available for 5 to 11 year olds.

    That should cover ALL the kids, right?

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Brad! We miss you a lot, my friend, and hope all is well. May your special day be wonderful!

    Love and hugs,

  • Denny


    I am hoping that you will have a great year, and that your hubby, your Mom and little Yaris are well and able to celebrate your special day with you!

    Birthday love and hugs coming your way❗🎂

  • Jingle

    Dear Brother Brad!! Hope you are well and at least checking in on the blog, from time to time!!

    Best Wishes to you ALWAYS!! Love you, John

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, brad!


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