It’s “Friends Friday” and here’s the “long and short” of it!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Rick started putting this post together several months ago but didn’t finish it, so I thought I’d “have a go” at it. It seems like an easy thing – just find a pic of a dude with a big dick and pair it with a less generously endowed guy. I found it’s not as easy as it seems. Anyway, it was fun doing this and we hope you enjoy both the “bigguns” and the “littleuns”.

Friday, Travon got a UPS (mailing tube) package from “Pop-pops.” We opened it and it’s a beautiful poster print of the painting of Tra, Max and the rock garden that Alex did on our bedroom wall at the lake. It’s a really big (32″x48″) print made from one of the pics Tra took of the painting. We’ll take it over to “Art and Frame Warehouse” to have it framed next week. It makes us think Pop-pops and “Denny” were on the same wave-length. When Denny read about the painting, he commented: “While you get to see that beautiful painting every week end when the weather is nice, why not take a pic of it, enlarge it, frame it, and hang it in your Platte Woods home, where you can enjoy it all winter long.” Wow, Denny. Great idea!
When Tra looked at the print, he said “I wish we could just go there sometime.” I said “Sure we will. We’ll be going there a lot.” He sort of frowned and said “I mean… just us.” Rick said “You mean you want just the three of us to go to the lake?” Tra was looking down at his feet and mumbled “Just us three and Max.” Rick and I were really surprised – and pleased to think Tra wanted us to go to the cabin as a family. So, of course, we’ll be doing that next weekend. We’ve told all our friends and family about it and they’ve all said they thought it’d be a very cool thing for us to do. So it’ll be just the four of us at the cabin next weekend. We’ll let you know how it goes πŸ™‚

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  • bw

    I guess all gay men are size queens at heart, but most of these ‘small’ ones seem perfectly fine to me. Some of favorite porn pups pf all time were criticized for not having ‘porn’ sized dicks – like Landon Mycles. Some of these, like NO 21, I’m pretty sure are the product of a nasty troll who uses Photoshop to produce teeny peenies.
    I wonder if something is up with Travon and he wants to talk to his dads about it – or maybe he just wants some laid back family time. It’ll be interesting to hear, but if you want to know now what’s up, ask Dr. Dub – he’ll give you the lowdown.

    • Jingle

      bw, my dear friend, I trust pic #36 (the Asian dudes) didn’t escape your attention?!?!

      • bw

        I did notice – and I’m not sure the ‘small’ dude is very small. There is not doubt that with the increase in living standards the Asian boys are getting bigger – taller and bigger dicks -especially in the affluent areas along the Southeast coast of China, and Hong King, Singapore and Taiwan. So there is even more of these Asian lads for me to like.

  • Jingle

    This was such a great post to look at!! 96 great dudes to check out!! Like the old Doublemint Chewing Gum slogan: “Double your Pleasure!! Double your Fun!!” πŸ™‚

    And such a wonderful variety here!! If you can’t find someone here you dig, you’re just too too mean and jaded to live!!

    *To save a little typing, I’m gonna use “B” for Big, and “L” for Little!!

    Selfie L#1 is a cutie!! πŸ™‚ And great physique, awesome nipples, and very pretty junk!!
    SO/PO B#2 and B#27 are insanely (and a bit raunchy) HOT!! WOW!!
    L#4 has a great body!! And he ain’t too shy or modest or ashamed to parade his little dick in public!! Good for him!! πŸ™‚
    The typical fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot type I generally go for (on the Blog, and in real life) is well represented here!! Among my favourites: B#6, B#7, L#14, and B#38!! Oh yeah!! πŸ™‚
    B#8, B#17, and L#24 are all quite stunning!! I’m talking about their faces, boys!! πŸ™‚ haha
    B#13, and both B & L#32 are all ideal Trophy Husband material!!
    Beto Baby, please proceed directly to L#15!!
    Shower dude B#16 is magnificent!! Now let’s peel those wet briefs off him!! WHEW!!!
    B#21 looks quite mischievous!! And L#21, photo-shopped or not, is quite the hunk!!
    Pic #25 is B-E-Y-L!! I’d be delighted to encounter either one of them at the Park!! πŸ˜‰
    Beautiful L#27’s chiseled physique is off-the-charts!!
    B & L#29… Dangerous Curves Ahead!! πŸ™‚ haha
    B#30… Holy Shit!!
    Serious L#38 and the more chipper B#43’s full-colour ink is beautiful!! Both of those dudes have a lot of time and money invested in their artwork!! Nice!!
    For me, pic #39 is all over the place… I’m very intrigued by the background in the Big half… an historic Kitchen Fireplace!! Wonder where that photo was taken?!?! And B#39 is crazy hot!! (And an impressive cock I’d like to become intimately acquainted with!!) And well, Latino L#39 is muy guapo!!
    Aww… who could resist smiling back at L#43?!?! πŸ™‚ And his pierced nipples are just a bonus!! Right, Brother Brad?!?! πŸ™‚
    Dang!! L#44 is super-cute AND super-hot!! Oh my…
    Love L#46’s plump balls!!
    B#47 is throwin’ out waaay too much attitude!! Sure, he’s gorgeous, and has a ridonculously ginourmous cock; but he’s acutely aware of it!! Shoosh!! Now compare and contrast to his neighbour, B#48!! Hot, handsome, and hung!! But he looks engaging and approachable!! πŸ™‚
    And finally, there’s adorable L#48!! It almost looks like his tits are cold… I’d be delighted to warm them up for him!! πŸ™‚ haha And while I’m at it…

    Alrighty then, I had an early favourite – rockin’ crazy hot L#3!! Damn!! And I soo appreciate and admire his motto tattoo, “Philippians 4:13”!! It refers to the wonderful optimistic and encouraging Bible Verse: I can do all this through Him who gives me strength!! But then insanely hot, B#33 came into view!! How in the world am I supposed to pick between them?!?! I guess I’d better sleep on them?!?! Er, I mean “it”!! πŸ™‚

    OUTSTANDING post!! I really do appreciate the time, effort, and collaboration that went into it!! Thank You!!

  • FredinMotul

    Hey Keon,
    You finished this Post very well. Interesting comparisons. In my former days of searching for free range penises, in my experience, the pictures on the right made up the majority of what I found where as the ones on the left were the exceptions that were rare, but made a lasting impression. Great post. Thanks. As to Trayvon’s request, I would imagine it will be a fantastic Week end for the Family to get away together. Could be he has something he would like to discuss, but I wager this is his way of gathering you all up close and together for security, like a warm blanket. Enjoy the time and have a blast. Eat your favorite foods and enjoy it all!! We’ll be thinking of you!

  • ray

    Nice post! I think that most of the “small” ones would be perfectly normal if not seen next to extremely big ones, and, as bw said, maybe there is even some photoshopping…

    A good and successful week to all!

  • Bill S

    I have not taken the opportunity to check out this post yet, but the title gave me a post-idea. It may be a hard one to do, but I can’t remember when URD has ever let me down! (-:

    “Smaller and Bigger — Before and After!”

    or “Soft to Hard — Before and After!”

    I’m sure you know what I mean. Two pics of the same guy. First soft then hard! It sounds like a simple idea but will the pictures be easy to find? I don’t know!

    So what do you think?


  • Denny

    You know, Keon, “Pop-pops” was exactly the man that I was thinking of to follow thru with a blow up pic of the painting Alex did on Travon’s bedroom wall at your cabin! And 32″ x 48″ – now THAT’S a BLOW UP!!! Anywhere you hang it, it will just “make” that room! And every time you look at it, you will “feel the happy”! Thank you for telling me this, Keon!! XOXOXO And Pop-pops, I know you will never read this but – YOU are da MAN!!

    WOW, Keon and Rick – this post was definitely labor intensive to put together!! And the result is fabulous!! 48 beauties – times TWO!!! It’s gonna take me all day to go thru and enjoy all these pics, but for now, my faves are #14, #15, #21 and #25 both “Big” AND “Little”!

    Rick and Keon, I hope you will be able to enjoy some family time down at your cabin, just the three of you and Max…but I can’t help thinking there might be a little hand-cranked ice cream somewhere in that scenario!! πŸ˜‰

  • Brad

    This posts shows us (unlike porn) that penises are like men…no one is exactly same! And this makes life (& men) a lot more fun… πŸ™‚ Thanks, Keon (& Rick)!

    I was thinking of the “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” theme as I went through the collection, then I read Jingle had already used it–once again we were on the same page, and he has done an outstanding job of providing insightful commentary… πŸ™‚

    Instead of my usual list of my top picks, I am not selecting favorites, but will savor and appreciate the diversity of the male appendage!

    Sometimes, kids just want some time with their parents, and I am guessing this is something Travon has not had much, if any, of this at all. He is feeling that his life has reached “homeostasis” of sorts. I will be eager to find out how your trip to the cabin goes…

  • Larry

    Everyone has already said what i would say both about the post and Travon. Big ones are fun to look at, but non-porn onesare easier to find and deal with.

    I think Travon simply values the life that his dads have created for him and wants to hold it close so that he never loses it.

  • Kent

    We remember when Travon wouldn’t speak, and now because of the loving and supportive home provided by Rick and Keon he feels comfortable enough to speak up and ask for something that’s important to him.

    Great post. I like dicks on the small end of the spectrum and this post has plenty to pine over. Thanks for all the effort it took to put it together.

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