…meanwhile… in the park…

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  • Jingle

    Ahh… a topic near and dear to my Heart!! Or at least my Crotch!! 😄 haha

    Buff and Ben, too!!

    At First Glance, I can see I’m going to LOVE this post!!…

  • Bill S

    Picture #6 has my fantasies in overdrive! I wish Denny had time to write their story! (-:


  • Denny

    Oh my fucking word…Cry-stall-mighty…and a big Holy Moly!!! This post is taking my breath away!

    #12 I am not into piss play, no way no how, but there is something supremely sexy about a macho guy, pulling out his fat cock and taking a satisfying piss!!

    #18 is the first guy who grabbed my attention when I clicked on this post. He’s got his cock ring snapped on tight, ready to take on the first guy who gives him “the nod”!! And there, just one tree and a picnic bench away, he’s gonna find #19, presenting the family jewels, his big-boy taint, and the Doorway to Fantasyland, spread wide, from one side of the tabletop to the other. And that look on his face is a WHOLE LOT MORE than “a nod”!

    And, brother Bill – “I” need “you” to tell “ME” what in the hell is going on in #48!?!!!

    Yup, you are SO right, Bill – if I wrote all the stories waiting to be written here, I’d have to take a month off!!!

    # 6 – Bill – I think your cock man, WITH bush AND, WITH treasure trail – is trying to entice a virgin college boy, who has been wanting to do this since he GOT to college, a thousand miles away from home, and away from anyone who knows him. College Boy has his shirt unbuttoned too, and The Guy is fixated on his nipples. But The Guy keeps looking down to his jeans too, where his College Boy cock is just pounding against the denim. College Boy has his belt unbuckled, as he takes his cues from that gorgeous guy who keeps getting closer and closer to him. He wants to reach out and touch The Guy’s cock – it is SO fucking beautiful. The guy reaches out his hand. They are so close now, that College Boy can extend HIS hand, and let The Guy pull him toward him…so close, he can smell the sexy manliness of The Guy. The Guy pushes College Boy down to his knees, so that his mouth is on level with The Guy’s cock. College Guy takes it in his mouth instantly. “Suck it” says The Guy. “Suck it hard”. ALL of it!”

    College Boy does what he’s told – so GLAD to be told to do what he’s been wanting to do for so long. When he cums, The Guy lets College Boy have a taste, but then The Guy pulls out and shoots the rest down College Boy’s muscular chest. Then he scoops up a fingerful and sticks that finger on College Boy’s tongue. College Boy grabs The Guy’s hand and eagerly licks that finger dry.

    The Guy offers to suck off College Boy, but College Boy’s Calvins are a soaked mess with a massive wad of cum. He shot in his pants the minute The Guy pushed him down to his knees.

    College Guy gets all shy and embarrassed, quickly zips up, buckles up and buttons up. He turns away and hurries back to the trail without saying a word.

    Four days later, College Boy was studying on the campus lawn, and never noticed The Guy coming up from the side until The Guy stopped right in front him. The Guy is a grad student at the same school. The Guy followed him into the woods that day, hoping for exactly what happened. The Guy has an apartment just off campus. College Boy lives in that apartment now too…

    Happy Wednesday, Bill!!! XOXOXO

  • Jingle


    I’m gonna curb my enthusiasm, and self-edit a bit; but there are a few thoughts I just gotta put out there!!…

    Whether or not you’re actually into Water Sports; whipping out your dick, and taking a mean piss like #2, 12, 14, 34, and 42; can be a way to break the ice when cruising!!!!! I’d respond favourably to any of them!! 🙂

    Giving head like #29, 37, and 47; and/or rimming like #32; would be my Ultimate Goal if I encountered trashy, unruly, horny, bangin’ hot #1, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 33, 35, 36, and 41!!

    Pic #3 is a tad off-putting… Coercion should never be a part of sex!!
    Nasty crazy scary raunchy HOT #14 clearly illustrates how crazy your stream can be if you have a PA!! Shoosh!! (Sadly half unseen Muddog #34 has his stream a little better under control!!)
    Pic #17 is awesome!!
    I would soo rim insanely hot #19!! I’d fuck his hot hole with my tongue first, then fingers, then my dick!! WHEW!!!
    I don’t think rockin’ hot exhibitionist #21 is actually at the Park… But he’s certainly captured the attention of the dude in the HHR!! 🙂 haha
    #25, 27, 28, and 39 are a little out of my wheelhouse; but they all have pretty dicks!! And face facts – I’d blow ’em!! 🙂
    Aww… #26!! A little red-neck romance during the hook-up!!
    I don’t think hunk stud #30 is at the Park, either!! But with that face, that body, and that COCK; I’m sure he gets a lot of attention wherever he is!! YOWZA!!!
    Group scenes like #38 and #45 only happen once in a Blue Moon, but when they do, it’s off-the-charts HOT!!!!!
    Damn fine ass in #40!! Oh, to see his face…
    Pic #43: Bears in the Woods!! 🙂 haha
    Pic #44 is outstanding!! WOW!!
    Such a shame we can’t see #46’s face… From the skin tone and colour, I’m guessing he’s bi-racial!! And that big long cock is truly a thing of beauty!!

    And as for #48, the thought that occurred to me is that they’ve already had sex once, and are taking a little break!! I’d bet my left nut that the dude on his knees is doing a line, and the other dude is waiting for his turn to do a ripper!!

    Picking a favourite would be a hard (pun intended!! 🙂 ) proposition… How about getting #1, 14, 18, and 19 to recreate #38?!?! Clearly #19 would be the one getting gang-banged, and I could fluff the others while they were waiting for their turn with him!!

    Wonderful post for a Summer’s day!! Thank You!!

  • Brad

    Jingle and Denny have written outstandingly on this post, and I can’t add much more except to name my favorite. (Thanks, Jingle and Denny! 🙂 )

    Those who know me well, know by now which pic is my Dude of the Day, and this guy is naked H2T #16!

    Posts like this are one of the reasons why many of us became regular visitors of URD. Thanks, David and Ben!

  • bw

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a fetish or something, but I like pictures of guys peeing – not on each other and for sure not drinking piss, but just a dude (or dudes) letting it go. No matter who you are, when you have your dick out pissing you are a bit vulnerable, and there are 4 or 5 nice ones in this post.
    Denny’s NO 6 looks like a scene Joe Gage would put in one of his porn flicks – and who knew our sweet Denny had such a dirty imagination?

    • Denny

      bw – Hey Dude!!

      As you see, from my original comment I am with you on the pissing issue. Not sure if that qualifies us as “fetishists” but who cares – it’s HOT to watch!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my story!! I haven’t thought of Joe Gage for years. Maybe he should be included in Rick’s series of hot porn stars.

      • bw

        Joe Gage used certain set-ups for years, and one of them was one, two, three, or more guys hauling their cocks out to piss which would lead to full-on sex. When someone took a piss in a Joe Gage movie you just knew there would be a hot scene to follow.
        I saw a clip today of my sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz when he was a baby faced kid – still furry as hell, but baby faced nevertheless. And that dick with the mushroom head got me all hot and bothered like it always does. I hope he is happy and doing well, whatever he’s doing.

  • Tim from MO

    I’ve enjoyed perusing through these pictures!
    I have spent many hours cruising through parks over the years. Fun times.
    It’s enjoyable just to be outdoors; adding the thrill of ‘the chase’ cruising for another like-minded dude, makes it even better.
    When you do find someone interesting of mutual attraction, it makes all the time spent looking worthwhile.

    Sometime, on one of my days off, I’ve actually thought about taking a little road trip to the park in Lawrence KS, where David met Ben.

    Thank you for this post!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Tim. Glad you like the pics. Not to be picky, but Ben and I actually met at a little park near Parkville, MO (and Park College). It’s not normally cruisey.. The park in Lawrence is “Riverfront Park” and we’ve gone there together a few times (quite a few actually!). It’s one of the cruisiest parks we know about and is highly recommended… especially late at night after the straight boys have dumped their girlfriends and are looking for a quick blowjob. xoxo

      • Tim from MO

        Thank you for the info!
        My memory failed me regarding the name of the park where you two met.
        Looking at the website for Riverfront Park, I surmised that it looked to be one good for cruising..

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