…the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many thins. Of dub and dog and cookie… and whether dicks have skins…

…with an apology to Lewis Carroll…

Friday, after school, Dub, David and I were scheduled to return “Dog” to the shelter. David wanted to talk to me, so we went into his office – leaving Dub and the dogs in the kitchen. David said, “I’m not sure we should take “Dog” back to the shelter. She’s a sweet puppy and has been spending her days in my office… mostly laying under my desk… usually with her chin on my foot. She isn’t any trouble and the other dogs have accepted her. If Dub wants to keep her, I’m o.k. with that if you are.” I grinned and said, “But, you said we were at our K-9 limit before we brought “Dog” home. You telling me you’ve gone soft on us?” He just smiled and shrugged. I said, “Let’s ask Dub what he wants to do.” So we did. Dub said, “I promised we’d take her back to the shelter and that’s what we should do.” Then he grinned and said, “Besides, I already called Unca Alex and they’re planning to meet us there.” So we took “Dog” to the shelter – where we met up with Alex, Cal, Izzie, and Cal’s Mum and Dad.
Long story short, Alex, Cal and Izzie adopted her and Izzie announced that her name is “Cookie” now.
The shelter people were all amazed at “Dog” and how well she’s doing. They took pics of Dub, Izzie and Cookie – and will be doing a special edition of their newsletter with the story of how Dub “rescued” her, made her a new paw, and found her a forever home.
Dub was smiling ear-to-ear, as were the new “puppy parents” when they loaded her into Cal’s car and headed home. I’m thinking we may have to get David a stuffed puppy like Travon’s “Muff” to hang out under his desk 🙂

13 comments to …the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many thins. Of dub and dog and cookie… and whether dicks have skins…

  • ray

    Many thanks for the exqisite rhyme! The good news about Cookie do not come as a big surprise, I am glad things went that way! Thanks as well for the savory dicks!

  • Jingle

    Without any shadow of doubt; that has to be the most wickedly funny, clever, ribald, and witty title to a post; EVER!!!!! 😉

    And what a fine collection of hot and hard, cut dudes!! WHEW!!!

    Lean and sinewy #1; with his beautiful nipples, insane abs, and gorgeous junk makes a fine Starting Point to this astounding post!! And those LIPS!! I want him to kiss me… On the mouth, and anywhere else he’d like to!!
    Couch guys #2, 5, 9, 12, 42 and 46 are ALL awesome!! (And I don’t even object to any of the sofas!! haha 🙂 )
    Great POV of scruffy hot #4’s perfect junk!!
    Oh to stroll into a public restroom and stumble upon crazy hot #6!!
    Aww… smiling #7 is a doll!! 🙂
    I would most definitely partake of the Bacchanalian feast being offered by stunning #8!! Mmmm…
    Nice mushroom head on #11’s dick!!
    While I certainly appreciate FCCO #13’s long lovely dick, isn’t that a chick’s t-shirt he’s wearing?!?! Pffft…
    Blazin’ hot #14, 30 and 34 are all total hunk studs!! WOW!!
    Let #17 and #19 stand as proof-positive that even geeky, nerdy guys can have pretty peckers!! 🙂 haha
    Selfie #18 is crazy hot!! But I’m not sure his juvenile phone case really suits him??…
    Happy junior hunk #20’s stance, and the more reserved #25’s reclining pose serve no better purpose than to display their awesome cocks, balls and cracks to wonderful advantage!! Nice!! (Oh, and where is #25 when I’m in the locker room?!?!)
    Bangin’ HOT #21 is total Trophy Husband material!! WHEW!!!
    SO/PO Muddog #23 sure has a nice bone!! 🙂 haha
    Nipple-pierced, PA’ed #24 is nasty crazy scary hot!! As is FCCO passenger #41 and his Frenum!! (Maybe #41 and I should head over to #24’s pad for a nice fuck & suck session?!?!) Damn!!
    Striking #26, and also #31, are insanely hot!!
    FCCO stoner #33 is sure pleased with himself!! 🙂 haha
    Oh my… TJM, fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #35 and #38, with their inviting poses and enigmatic smiles are making me squirm in my seat!! Dang!! (Side note on #38: Notice there’s no knick-knacks or decor?? That’s a set, no-one’s home space!!)
    Pic #43 is just exceptional!! Scruffy hot FCCO dude, beautiful cock, and I love how he’s biting his lip in anticipation of the blowjob I’d gladly give him!! 😉 (The horrendous paneling has to go, though!!)
    LOVE rockin’ hot, exotically handsome #40’s thick chub dick!!
    Would I crawl on my belly to get to FCCO, bearded, crazy bangin’ HOT #44’s awesome cock and balls?!?!… You damn well better believe I would!!!!!
    FCCO crazy rockin’ hot #45’s is a hoot!! 🙂 And it totally suits him!! 🙂 haha
    Oh to be on the receiving end of rockin’ hot #47’s selfie!! Or better yet his load!!!!!
    And just as #1 is an awesome Starter… Fantastic, inviting #48 is an awesome Closer!! And he leaves us with a smile!! 🙂

    But oh Holy Hell; my heart-stopping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping moment came when I clicked on off-the-charts, insanely, intensely HOT #16!!!!! WHOA!!!!! Clearly, he’s checking out URD… but I’m gonna do my very best to distract him for a while!! Oh… Hell… Yes!!!!!

    OUTSTANDING collection, set, post and title!! Thank you!!

    p.s. I’ll bet my left nut the next post is UNcut dudes!! 🙂 haha

  • Bill S

    What a wonderful thing that happened for all concerned and especially for Izzie & Cookie!

    Dub in charge!!!

    Makes GREAT things happen. (-:


  • Larry

    Dub keeps his promises, but arranges the right outcome. Actually this was predictable.

    Cut cocks are nice, but uncuts are better for me. More to play with.

  • Denny


    I feel bad that you lost your sweet little foot warmer. Other than that, “the Story of Dog” played out just about perfectly! “Dog” got a new paw, thanks to Dub the dog whisperer; a little girl is over the moon with her new friend “Cookie”; and “Cookie” is close by where Dub can visit her as often as necessary.
    Side note to David, if I may – it’s probably for the best that you didn’t “cave and keep”, tho’ I certainly understand the temptation. Dub would have been so confused after your “K9 maximum” comment, and his own solemn promise that he would return “Dog” after she was cured. That would’ve done major damage to your street cred with your son AND, it all would’ve come back to haunt you the next time such a situation arises!! (Been there Done that!) You done good, Daddy David!!

    This entire post is one humpy hunk right after the other!! If I HAD to pick any faves, it would be

    #3 – for his beautiful everything – including his nips

    #5 – with that killer cock

    #16 – so busy! So BUTCH!!

    THANK YOU for this fab post and THANK YOU also for the happy ending to the “Dog meets Dub” adventure!!! Luv it!!!


  • Kent

    As George Peppard of the ‘A-Team’ said, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Dub will always be the leader of an A-Team.

    Skin or no skin, all the guys in this post stand tall and proud. What fun it would be to make them smile even bigger.

  • Gents, This is such a witty lead to a post, with such a wonderful wonderful conclusion to the story (and a bunch of juice in the photo section). Dub is the truest of gentlemen to seemingly all creatures of the earth.

    Side note: It’s been two years since I’ve emailed you guys, and I can’t remember how, other than to talk to you in the comments.
    mahtinp — aka Phil

  • bw

    All’s well that ends well – and Dub was going to make sure that Dog’s story ended well. I do feel David’s reluctance to give up his foot warmer – dogs worm they way into you heart so quickly. But Dog/Cookie has won the doggie lottery.
    Is No 8 a pretty good photoshop of Taylor Lautner, the young actor whose acting skills seemed to be limited to taking off his shirt? And you guys know me too well – No 9 has a perfect fattie. Our friend in NO 11 with the mushroom and silky fur everywhere pulled down all his nude stuff, but does have a Twitter account I think – he is working on a MFA and his instrument is the flute (no kidding) so insert bad jokes after this.

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