W H O A ! W O F F ! Y U M !

Commenting on yesterday’s post of “Marcos Gomez” pics, our buddy Jingle said:
“While we’re on the topic of “Porn Pups”… Some time ago, you invited us to submit the name of our favourite porn pups!! I submitted Derek Parker!!… And you VERY quickly and graciously gifted me – all of us – with an outstanding post of his pics!! May I give you the name of another dude I’d REALLY like to see, collected and curated, in one spot?!?!… Carter Jacobs”
Unlike “Marcos” who (as of now) has only two photo sets on-line, “Carter” has literally thousands of pics all over the web. He’s worked for Chaosmen, FraternityX, MaverickMen and possibly more. With so many pics from which to choose, we had a rough time deciding what to include in this post. We finally decided to concentrate on solo shots – plus some from his “Edge” scene with (you guessed it) “Ranson” sucking his dick.
Thanks for the suggestion, babe. This was fun!

23 comments to W H O A ! W O F F ! Y U M !

  • bw

    He’s a good looking kid – but seems a little young and relatively clean cut for Jingle. But one thing I do like – he’s got a dick like the rest of us instead of a monster porn star dick, so I can relate to him. And No 31 – I would take a running face first dive into that butt crack. Good call Jingle!

    • Jingle

      Thanks, bw!! 🙂

      And you’re absofuckinglutely dead on regarding #31!!!!!

      My Monday regular fuck-buddy, Bob; has a fine rump ass, and a sweet pink virgin hole just like that!!!!! The only thing that’s ever been in there is my Tongue!! I eat him out til he’s squirming and squealing like a little girl!! 😉

    • Tim from MO

      31!!! Absolutely Fucking YESSSS!

  • Denny

    Jingle, Babydoll!!

    If ever there was a porn star who belonged in the back seat of your Cadillac – it is this guy!! He also belongs at your house, wrecking the bed, and bending over the bathroom sink bare- nekkid, while you ream his pretty ass!!!

    He’s got a clean cut, down home, nonchalant good look about him, which is part of his sexy-without-even-trying, big boy charm.

    I’m guessing “STANIZEWSKI” is his real last name, proudly tattooed across his back, while he has “VENI, VIDI, VICI” just above his pubes. (That one must’ve hurt maybe just a little, right?)

    Damn, Man, did your birthday come early this year? Is it Christmas in Iowa or something?? 🙂

    My favorite shots of him here are #29 thru #32 , but this hottie is a sizzler in ALL of these pics!!


    • Jingle

      Thanks Dearheart!!

      Yes indeed; it’s like my Birthday, Christmas, AND Valentine’s Day all rolled into one!!

      Given bw’s and your affinity for #31, don’t miss #22!!

      The “VENI VIDI VICI” tattoo probably didn’t hurt all that much… He’s got enough body fat there to soften the blow, so to speak!! 🙂 haha The one that hurt like a motherfucker would have been the large red rose on his side!! Yipes!!

      Your comment about the backseat of my Cadillac stirred a memory!! In my youth, I lost my straight virginity in the backseat of my Father’s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham!! 🙂 haha

  • FredinMotul

    My goodness, what a cutie pie!! Thanks for sharing the sets.

  • Roberto

    Hey, Jingle, who said you don’t go for cuteness? 🙂 Of course your boy Carter has all the beefy physique and colorful ink to drive you crazy, but I’m kind of seeing your tender side through that pretty face and smile. 😉 Enjoy!


  • ray

    I knew the guy, but had no name for him. So cute and natural! Thanks to Jingle for the suggestion and to the URD team who put this post together!

  • Alexander

    Veni, Vidi, Vici…with brass knuckles and rosebud tatoo.
    Who says Latin humor is dead?

  • Jingle

    I don’t know what to say… “Thank You” seems trite and totally inadequate for the GREAT gift you’ve given me!! 🙂

    It’s above and beyond that you acted on my selfish request sooo quickly!! I really do sincerely appreciate it!!

    Now then, one last request to any and all… Look at Carter, then look at Derek Parker!! See the similarities?!?! As cute as Carter may be now, like a fine wine, he’ll only get better with age!!…

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Babe. Thanks again for this request. I LOVE doing “porn pup” sets. Something about dudes who try doing gay porn – then keep doing it (for the money????) just fascinates me. I hope more of our CCC will send us “porn pup” suggestions. bw? beto? denny? fred? anyone else? xoxo David

      • Roberto

        David, as far as I recall it, there’s actually a pending list. Hope you and my mates don’t mind an update on this topic:

        Denny – “Texas boy” (amateur), Dirk Caber, Peto Coast;
        Larry – Cameron Parks;
        Tommy (hopefully still checking in) – Kevin Babik;
        Brad – Armond Rizzo;
        bw – Calvin Banks, Blake Mitchell, Will Braun.

        Maybe Alexander, Phil, Ryan/Archangelus, Tim and others would like to suggest some names too, and Ray, Jingle, Bill and Fred can come up with new favorites to keep the cycle going. 🙂

        As Rick started his series dedicating a guy to me and I’d be in a quandary to choose anyway, I’ve been waiting to make a suggestion. Like bw, I can’t have just one favorite, but let me pick Jay Davis. He’s the cutest little furry naughty sex devil out there… a crazy avid cocksucker and cum eater (he even has only-sucking scenes)… and your utmost unrulyboi, so just perfect for URD – and me, of course. 🙂 He worked for Treasure Island and GuyBone.

        I guess this should keep you, Rick and maybe others from the gang (happily) busy for a while. 😉


        • Denny

          Beto, your memory is absolutely phenomenal on all topics pertaining to Unruly Dude!! I don’t know how you do it, but I am glad that you do!!

          To be honest, I myself do not even recall at this point, what I meant by “Texas Boy” (amateur)

          As for Dirk Caber, he really is more of a “hot daddy”.

          Peto Coast is younger, but I’m not sure if he would qualify as a pup. But he sure does hot porn!!!

          I just want David to know my feelings won’t be hurt if these guys don’t make the cut. As long as the other guys keep coming up with pups like Carter Jacobs, I will be VERY happy!!!



  • Denny

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the deserving daddies of the Northland Gang!!

    Today, each and every one of you is my – DUDE OF THE DAY !!!!!



  • Jingle

    My best friend-with-benefits, Rick, stopped by this morning to give me a blowjob for “Daddy’s” Day!! 😄 😝

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