WHOA, dude. Big, bloated, beautiful boy-bones!

We’re still a week away from the Super Bowl but the excitement is definitely building. Dub asked Ben and me if we could host a “Red Friday Rally” here at our house next Friday afternoon after school – and we told him it’d be o.k. It’ll be in our garage and we spent a bunch of time this weekend clearing out stuff and getting ready. We told Dub to keep it to a small group – but Ben says the word has been spreading at school, so who knows how many will show up?? I asked Dub if he thought the Chiefs would win the game and he said “They should… but it depends on if they do the right stuff next week.” I said “What’s the right stuff?” He thought about it and said “I don’t know – I’m not a football player. But the Chiefs know what it is and they have to do it if they’re gonna win.” So, there you have it. We sure hope they do “the right stuff.” 🙂

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  • FredinMotul

    Is #4 Business Casual? # 36 comes from one of the hottest set of photos I can remember. Thanks for all of these.

    It will be just another Sunday for Hubby and I. We are just not into the Super Bowl. More than likely will head over to the local stadium and watch a good Soccer Match or so. Here’s to you all that do and may it be the best ever for you all! Thanks for the great post and the updates.

  • Alexander

    Time to dismiss all the wives tales….One week from tonight, The Super Bowl Winner will make Dub happy.
    Simply cannot go wrong voting with the “Dubster”. They should win…if they do the right stuff. So take it from Dub…do the right stuff! Patrick Mahomes truly has his head in the game. Everyone else be on your Dub best behavior. Tyreek Hill, Ryan Hunter, Chris Jones, Travis Kelce…stay away from South Beach. You can have a lifetime of parties after next Sunday.

    The money quote.”I don’t know – I’m not a football player. But the Chiefs know what it is and they have to do it if they’re gonna win.” Have a great week and hope everyone survives, “Red Friday Rally”.

  • Jingle

    Oh, Holy Hell!! Where are my Knee-pads?!?! The good, heavy-duty ones!!…

    With the possible exceptions of selfie #8, and SO/PO #28; I’m assuming these are professional models or pornstars!! But fuck dude, they’re handsome and hot!! A visual banquet to feast on!!

    Getting back to #8… His junk is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I’m intrigued with insanely hot #11’s decision to get his left nipple vertically pierced, and his right nipple horizontally pierced!!
    #12 is nasty crazy scary hot!! As is #25 and #42!! And I like ’em!! 😉
    While it’s well outside of my own “Victorian Clutter” design aesthetic, I nonetheless appreciate the Primitive bench in #26!! The lumbar support is interesting!!
    I’d sure as hell polish #29’s amazing knob!! 🙂 haha
    Hunky #31 and #44 are particularly pleasing pics!!
    Rockin’ crazy hot #32 and #46 need to be saved and cross-referenced for future use!! #32 for his awesome nipples!! And #46 for his cute ears!!

    OK friends, bear with me here, but #33 is one of those images that sets my mind reeling!! The juxtaposition of the intensely hot and hunky (married) naked dude against the elegant and luxurious background!! His beautiful cock and amazing well-defined scrotal raphe!! His gumdrop nipples!! (May I suggest more scrotal piercings and/or getting his left nipple pierced?!?! 🙂 ) The “Swagger Stick” reminds me of the one my late Mother carried in her later years!! (I still have it, carefully perseved by the Front Door, like Tiny Tim’s crutch!! 🙂 ) And one last detail, if you look closely in the lower right-hand corner of the frame, you’ll see the photographer’s reflection caught in the pier mirror!! WHEW!!! YOWZA!!!!

    Alrighty then, moving on, Spaniard #35 is damn fine!! Of note is the 220 currency and his shadow on the tiled wall!! (Love the blue grout!!)
    Friend Fred, I think I’ve seen the fantastic photo-set of fantastic #36 you’re referring to!!… And yes, it’s HOT!!
    Aww… #38 reminds me of myself in my Youth before I had any body piercings or tattoos!! Slight of build; and a full head of loose, tousled curls!!
    Beto Baby, go directly to #40!! He has you written all over him!! 🙂
    And once again, you’ve gone for a Big Finish!! Hunky, jock-type #48’s multiple body piercings are phenomenal!! WOW!!

    But even with all these eye-popping, jaw-dropping, outstanding guys; I had a favourite from the git!!… Damn right it’s fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot, #27!!!!! I’m gonna lick, nuzzle, nibble, play with his Guiche for a while, before I move on to everything else he has to offer!!

    Superb set, collection, and post!! WHOA, indeed!!!!! Thank You!!

  • bw

    No. 8 is a pretty decent fake of Nick Jonas – who wishes that was his dick. According to Nick none of the Jonas boys are big, with Joe being the biggest.
    I think what Dub said is pretty much the reality at this point in the season – if the Chiefs do what he said they will win, However, if I was giving unsolicited advice, I don’t think falling behind would be a great idea in this game expecting to come back – the SF defense is not going to let them back in to the game.

  • Bill S

    Go Dub! The Chiefs have got the right stuff and they’ll DO the right stuff! Go Chiefs!

    I hope the weather is good on Friday for the party-goers will probably be overflowing the garage! (-; Have fun! (-:


  • Denny

    Given Dub’s friendly, outgoing personality, when word gets around that Dub is throwing a party, you can expect half the school to show up. HEY GUYS – PARTY AT DUB’S HOUSE!!! 🙂 (And maybe some parents will casually stop by as well!)

    One of the best things about Monday at URD is that Monday is Jingle’s day off, and we get treated to a most fascinating, extended commentary on all his favorite sexy dudes here, in delightful detail!!! Like what you have to say about outstanding #33!! Bear with you?? Babydoll – No problem!!

    As for your fave, #27 – I will get in line behind you for THAT hairy bod. On second thought, after you two get done with each other, I better come back in two or three days!!

    So many elegant hot bods – so little time!!!

    My favorite is #36. There is a whole set of his pics, you say??? WOOF!! But I can be satisfied with him here, man tool perfectly poised at 10 o’clock, rippling abs, taut and complete with treasure trail, super-cut shoulder, bicep and tricep muscles, what’s not to love!!!

    I like #34’s shark tattoo, but why would he have it where – according to his tan lines – it will only be visible to a chosen few..? In my fantasy, *I* would be one of his chosen few. 🙂

    #20 is another fave here – beautiful tight body, ready to stand and deliver – wherever you want it.

    I hope the “Red Friday Rally” goes well!! With Dub in charge – how could it not!!!


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